Juan Williams Has a Galaxy-Brain Idea for the Officer in the Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting

What is the point of Juan Williams? That’s an evergreen question when it comes to Fox News’ continued insistence on putting him on the panel of The Five. Remember, this is the same guy who claimed two teenagers who murdered an Uber Eats driver were just on a “joy ride.”


Does Williams add anything to the show? Is his commentary thought-provoking? Is he at least good at arguing from a left-wing point of view? I’d suggest the answer to all three of those inquiries is no.

But here, decide for yourself if this is kind of commentary is worth anything.

This kind of Monday morning quarterbacking ignores so many of the variables in play at the moment the officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant decided to pull the trigger. As I reported earlier, a new angle that shows the entire scene shows just how hectic things were. The assailant came outside with a knife, tried to attack one person, and then turned to stab an unarmed girl who was standing there holding a dog. The officer did warn Bryant in the chaos, but he was left with only a second or so to draw and fire his gun before the knife was plunged into the victim. Being a former marksman in the military, the officer’s shots were true and he ended the threat just as he’s trained to do.


What Williams is suggesting here is to play chicken with the life of a young girl that’s about to be murdered. Is it possible a shot in the air a second earlier would have stopped Bryant? Sure, it’s possible, though unlikely given how enraged she was. Regardless, would Williams want his child to be the guinea pig in that scenario? If he wouldn’t, then he shouldn’t be expecting someone else’s child to play that role. When someone poses a deadly threat to another person, police are rightly trained to not risk the lives of others in order to try to save the life of the assailant.

Further, when anyone tries to quickly draw a weapon and fire it off in a random direction, bystanders are put at risk. Maybe he ends up just shooting in the air, or maybe he ends up firing at an angle and hitting one of the people off to his side? Again, why even take that risk when someone is about to violently stab another person? It also takes longer to draw and shoot a gun up into the air with any modicum of safety than it does to bring it to bear and fire on a target. Would a shot in the air have even happened fast enough for Bryant to process it before she stabbed the other girl? She was clearly deranged in her behavior.


Here’s the point. The fact that I’m having to even pose all these different questions shows how idiotic what Williams is suggesting is. Fox News should do better than this. It’s one thing to be a contrarian on a political show. It’s another to spout ridiculous, farcical commentary that throws fuel onto the fire of racial strife.


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