Teenage Girls Who Murdered Uber Eats Driver Were Just on a Joy Ride, Juan Williams Claims

On Monday’s episode of The Five, the group discussed the murder of Muhammad Anwar, an Uber Eats driver who was the victim of a carjacking/murder by two teenaged girls in Washington, DC nearly a week ago. Juan Williams (shocker) took up for DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who sent out a tone-deaf tweet about how to avoid carjackings on Sunday before deleting it (as Bonchie covered).


Not only did Williams take up for Bowser, he joined the CNN chorus excusing the girls’ behavior.

The exchange started when Waters asked, “How can this story get more coverage?” Williams replied:

Gee, I can tell you – it’s not that I would say it’s top of the front page or top of mind for everybody in Washington, but people are talking about it, Jesse.

How is it not top of mind for anyone who watched the video? Williams continued:

I think in part what it is, is, you’ve got – it’s tragic. I mean, you’ve got these teenage girls. I mean, they’re little kids. They’re not gangsters. They’re not hardened criminals. I don’t think they intended to kill anybody. They were looking for having a joyride, and it just went way wrong, went way out of control, and ended up in a gross tragedy. I mean, this is unbelievable. Their lives are ruined —


Wait, what? They’re not little kids. They’re old enough to know that when a mobile phone was left in the car, that phone could lead investigators in their direction, so they were more concerned about the evidence left behind than the dying grandfather on the sidewalk. They’re old enough to bring a taser along on their afternoon seeking a joyride. And oh, no, their lives are ruined…

Williams kept talking (when he shouldn’t have):

And that man’s dead. I mean, it’s like, you know, kids finding guns in their parents’ house. I don’t know what to say, Jesse. It’s awful. It’s a terrible situation.

It is not in any way like kids finding guns in their parents’ house, Juan. Kids find a gun in their parents’ house and hopefully don’t pull the trigger, but if they do, it’s not in an intentional way, not intending to take another’s life. It’s out of ignorance and curiosity. Nothing about this incident is out of ignorance or curiosity. If you watch the video, after Anwar pleads with the girls and is telling passers-by that it is a robbery, the girls speed off. After Anwar’s body and the driver’s door violently smash into a post beside the road, the driver accelerates to the T intersection before turning and the final crash. That is not an accident. There are at least three points at which the girls could have stopped.


Ahh, now to the Mayor’s tweet.

With regard to the Mayor’s tweet, again, look, I think that what we have seen in recent months is an increase in carjackings, car thefts, in this area, and so for her to say be cautious, I don’t think that was the wrong note, as you suggest. Maybe you wanted to hear her condemn the kids. I don’t know. I think it’s good for us all to be cautious as we see a rise in this kind of crime.

Yes, we wanted to hear her condemn the “kids.” And why do we see a rise in crime, Juan? Let’s examine THAT.

Do you know what else was missing from Juan’s comments? Any type of disgust at what happened or sorrow for Anwar’s family. Beyond despicable.



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