New Video Angle Blows up Original Narrative About Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting

When RedState first reported on the police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, the details were sparse. While it was immediately admitted she had a knife, the family lied, claiming she had dropped it in the yard. The body-cam footage showed that wasn’t true, with Bryant clearly raising her arm with the knife to stab the person now know as the “girl in pink.”


But there was another claim that has been part of the narrative to this day that also seemingly originated with the family. Namely, that Bryant was not the aggressor and had actually been “jumped.” This was used to suggest that Bryant was acting in self-defense even though the girl in pink was unarmed and holding a dog. Thus, as the story goes, Bryant was “murdered” by a cop who wouldn’t let a black girl defend herself.

Well, a new angle has put that to rest.

If you watch the video, what you’ll see is Bryant come from the side of the house (maybe a door is back there?) with the knife while everyone else is just standing around. No one jumps Bryant. In fact, she starts shoving people first after announcing via profanity that she’s going to stab someone. In that initial scuffle, one person goes to the ground but Bryant remains on her feet. The officer who ultimately fires is right there and tries to break up what he thinks is just a fight. Then, he sees the knife, warns her multiple times, and just as Bryant brings her arm back to stab a girl who wasn’t even part of the altercation (at least physically), the officer fires and kills Bryant.


There’s nothing left ambiguous about this situation. The shooting was justified by every letter of the law, and not only was it legally justified, but it was also morally justified to save an innocent girl’s life.

Look, I don’t like having to break things down like this. A 16-year-old kid is dead, and that’s sad regardless of the circumstances. But when false narratives go forth, such as those spread by Lebron James, and police are demonized unfairly, more people are put in danger. Those falsehoods must be corrected. This video does that, and there should be no more “protests” over this incident.


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