Gretchen Whitmer's Top Aide Gets Caught Red-Handed in Florida

Rules for the little people, or at least that seems to be the standard in Michigan. As you may recall, many months ago, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s family broke her own COVID regulations by traveling to their lake house and attempting to use their boat. Now, Whitmer’s top aide has been caught red-handed partying in Florida for spring break while Michigan still has travel restrictions in place.


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You know they have nothing when they bring out the “white nationalist” card. There’s no excuse for this, especially when Whitmer has been so adamant about her state’s residents staying home and not enjoying themselves. Further, Michigan is experiencing the worst COVID outbreak in the country right now. Wouldn’t it seem prudent for this aide to avoid travel? I mean, Florida doesn’t want her bringing the virus down to their highly successful state and spreading it around, right?

Let’s also note that she’s not wearing a mask, and really, good for her. The data has continually shown they don’t do anything, and at least Foster is admitting that with her actions, while she avoids social distancing in a state her boss has tried to blame for a COVID outbreak 1,500 miles away.


Look, none of the people telling you to avoid living your lives out of fear of COVID actually share the fear they are spreading. They want power, and that’s what this all comes down to. In fact, there’s a pretty good case for a correlation between Whitmer’s lockdowns and the fact that Michigan appears to not be nearly as far along in regards to herd immunity as other states. There was a right way to handle the pandemic. Florida did it correctly, and Whitmer didn’t.

Even still, you’d think Foster would have enough self-awareness to not go down to Florida given the optics. But there she is because these people don’t even believe what they are preaching.


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