Indiana Businessman Trolls Governor Gretchen Whitmer With a Perfect Digital Billboard

The person who did this deserves a PEACE PRIZE for sheer ingenuity and spending his own dough to do it.

Michigan has been through a rougher ride than most of its surrounding states and that can only be attributed to the unique governing style of Gretchen Esther Whitmer. Her bumper car style of keeping the citizens in line has really caused more difficulty than this state should have endured. Don’t believe me, then you can read some of my previous posts on this right HERE, HERE, and HERE.


From picking on an elderly barber to demanding her illegal executive orders still be followed, this does not paint a pretty picture at all.

This is why when a hero comes along (cue Mariah Carey) and takes money and spends it out of their own pocket to have a li’l fun at Gov. Esther’s expense, we should all take a moment and rejoice, for we still live in a free country as of this writing of this post.

Yet, the day is still young.

From the Detroit News

An Indiana billboard poking fun at Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been adjusted after protests from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

The digital billboard along Interstate 69 just a few miles south of the Michigan border, in Angola, Ind., showed a picture of Whitmer alongside a graphic that announced her as “Indiana Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year,” suggesting the Democratic governor pushed business south with her restrictive pandemic response.


Steve Swick, president and CEO of Swick Broadcasting Co., changed the wording to “Indiana Business Person of the Year” after receiving a cease and desist request from the Indiana chamber.

“The Indiana Chamber of Commerce had nothing to do with this,” said chamber President Kevin Brinegar. “Someone used our name to help garner attention. We are not in the business of attacking other states or individuals. We found this completely inappropriate and demanded it be taken down immediately.”


Here is a shot of the billboard below.

Ok, so maybe saying the Indiana Chamber of Commerce picked her as a person of the year was a tad bit much (you know they loved it, though) but the businesses sure do love her in Indiana. While we have had our businesses shut down here in the Great Lakes State, people have been flocking to Indiana and Ohio and actually spending money there instead of here.

We actually had a time here where Michiganians could go bowling but not out to eat. Yeah. read that again. Anyone with half their brain tied behind their back (thanks, Rush) should stop and ask themselves how the data and the science explain that?  We of course won’t get any answers being we are just constantly told that this is for our own good and to shut up. As with other parts of the country led by the feelings over facts crowd, the virtue signaling here in the mitt state is strong.


Kudos to Steve Swick for literally putting his money where his mouth is and saying out loud on a billboard something that everyone in and around Michigan knows.

Gov. Whitmer is good for business everywhere but Michigan.


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