Stacey Abrams Shows Zero Self-Awareness in Pretending She's Not to Blame for MLB Boycott

With the MLB pulling their All-Star Game out of Georgia, tens of millions of dollars in local revenue for business owners in the Atlanta area have gone poof. That decision to punish Georgia for their new election reform law came after a relentless campaign of lies about the bill, including Joe Biden himself calling it “Jim Crow 2.0,” a suggestion so historically illiterate and offensive that you almost have to be impressed at the shamelessness.


But there’s one figure who led the way — Stacey Abrams.

The failed gubernatorial candidate has turned into a cult figure in mainstream media circles and among the broader left-wing coalition. It doesn’t matter that she’s a failure. She speaks, and they listen intently, hanging on her every word, and she had a lot of words to say about Georgia’s law. She proclaimed it “voter suppression,” spread disinformation about the provisions in the law, and whipped up corporate outrage.

Of course, it was all fun and games until the MLB actually took action. Now, Abrams doesn’t want you looking in her direction when it comes time to assign blame.

Here’s Abrams super-fan Jake Tapper spreading her propaganda that she pleaded with corporations to not boycott Georgia, after she led a disinformation campaign against Georgia. Makes sense, right?


The video Tapper links to (shown above) is Abrams literally asking corporations to “use their clout” to punish Georgia for its election reform bill. But she didn’t really “mean it” like that, you guys. She just meant to write angry letters talking about how evil Republicans are, so as to help her party in the next election.

But when you drop a lion into a locked room, you can’t then claim you told it not to eat anyone. Abrams’ lies had consequences, and those consequences are now taking money out of the pockets of small businesses in her state. Was her virtue signaling and lying on cable news worth it? I’d guess most voters don’t think so, and they shouldn’t forget that when 2022 rolls around.


Abrams wants everyone to forget her part in this, but as they say down South, that dog won’t hunt. She made the choice to not only actively lie, but to lobby corporations to take action. Well, they did so, and now she’s responsible. You don’t get to be a “leader” when it’s easy and then obfuscate when it comes time to own the consequences of your leadership. Anyone making excuses for Abrams at this point is just a hack — period.


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