Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 82: The 'MLB Election Reform, Snyder Cut, and Progressive Studio Silence' Edition

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I talked at length today about the Georgia Election Integrity law and the associated pushback, including the political mob tactics being perpetrated to move the MLB All-Star game out of the city. And lo and behold, after I recorded, MLB announced they were going to do exactly that.


Despite Stacey Abrams and Sen. Jon Ossoff both nearly begging the woke mob not to boycott the state, President Biden’s ESPN interview apparently did the trick, and the state of Georgia and the greater metropolitan Atlanta area will miss out on millions in revenue. And a truly fabulous sports city will miss the excitement of holding the mid-summer event.

The Braves franchise, it should be noted, was not in favor of the move. And their statement strikes a really good tone.

But this — and it won’t be the last time it happens over the next four years — is what political blackmail looks like in action, and I keep waiting for Democrats to explain to me how things have improved since the 2020 election. Because the reasons stated for moving the game were built on lies. The new law in Georgia does not restrict voting. It expands it. But it does do some things that were not in line with what the current progressive wing in power in this country seeks. And so they used their power to punish the state and its Republican leadership. Sad state of affairs. And, as mentioned, it’s only just begun.

I could get into MLB’s expansion into China, a country known for human rights abuses, and the other corporate entities taking moral stands against Georgia who have also lobbied to look the other way at China’s behavior. But honestly, I’m tired, and I’d rather simply see the positive in having this sorted at the beginning of the season so the state and the game there won’t have to suffer several months of lies and smears. That’s a good thing.


Honestly, the ultimate fallout will be how MLB suffers for caving to political lies, which might also carry some positive consequence. As for the state of politics in Georgia…well, I believe Republicans there just got many new converts. Abrams knows it, too.

And now, as someone pointed out on Twitter, perhaps Florida will be in the running for the All-Star game. That would be a positive, too.

I also review the Snyder Cut of DC’s Justice League (trailer below) and discuss why Hollywood hasn’t been quite as vocal on the Georgia election law. Hope you’ll tune in.

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