Tucker Carlson Delivers a Hilarious Breakdown of Joe Biden's Presser

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Yesterday, Joe Biden concluded his first presser after the longest drought for a new president in modern history, and the takes in response were hot. RedState hit all the angles (see here, here, here, and here) throughout the day. Everything from Biden’s mind-melting down (again), to his cheat sheets, to some of the more nonsensical answers he gave, left a lot to cover.


Then there was Tucker Carlson. You just knew he was going to deliver a monologue fit for the absurdity that was witnessed. He didn’t disappoint.

Here’s the hilarious result.

If there was ever a night for Tucker face to make numerous appearances, this was it. The president’s presser was chock full of moments worthy of a blank stare. Tucker noted how pregnant his pauses were, calling them “third-trimester” pauses. Slow and steady may have won the race, but it didn’t win this press conference. Biden was absolutely painful to listen to at times.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games. Some of the things Tucker mentioned are also deadly serious. Biden, so incapable of doing his job, needed small, individual pieces of paper to read his foreign policy positions from in a verbatim manner. That’s not normal. It’s scary. What if this guy says the wrong thing during a meeting? What if he misreads his size 30 font on the teleprompter again and it’s a topic that actually has real, international consequences?

The president is supposed to be able to articulate his policies, especially dealing with foreign policy, with a deep knowledge of the material. He’s the Commander in Chief after all. Biden clearly doesn’t have that capacity, needing to use cheat sheets to say even the most basic things. Kim Jong-Un has to be shaking in his boots at the proficiency of Biden reading notes others wrote for him with more “umms” than a reasonable person can keep track of.


Tucker goes on from there, so be sure to watch the whole thing.

None of this is normal, but this is what far too many Americans voted for. It’s a sad scene, but luckily we still have humor to inject a little levity into the situation.



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