Joe Biden's Mind Melts and the White House Immediately Calls a Lid, and It Tells Us Something

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Earlier today, Joe Biden gave one of the more embarrassing press conferences you’ll see from a president. As RedState chronicled here, here, and here, all the overpreparation in the world didn’t seem to matter. Despite holding mock briefings, something unheard of for a routine presidential presser, and having a binder full of answers to questions, Biden’s mind still managed to meltdown several times throughout the event.


Here’s one of the more egregious examples.

Watch all the way until the end because the mumbling performance at the beginning isn’t his only flub in the span of 30 seconds. Biden later starts shuffling through papers attempting to read who the call on next. The natural question is exactly why a president needs a pre-determined list of reporters to call on? Can he not remember their names? Is he incapable of dealing with inquiries from unfriendly reporters?

Further, he had a large binder full of rehearsed answers ready to go, another unprecedented aspect of all this. I can’t recall Donald Trump nor Barack Obama ever needing crib notes to do a press conference. Heck, the entire point is that it’s different from a regular White House briefing. It’s supposed to be unscripted. Yet, this was anything but.

I think what we saw today tells us something about where we go from here. Clearly, Biden is not going to give the traditional first address to Congress, at least not in any real sense. If he does, he’ll lean on COVID and claim he can’t appear at the Capitol because of the risks. It doesn’t matter that he’s vaccinated, as would be everyone else in the room, and that’s irrelevant anyway. The real reason he won’t appear is that he’s incapable of reading a speech off paper notes for an hour and a half. We all know it.

I wouldn’t expect any more pressers anytime soon either. This will be a “mark it off the list” moment. Jen Psaki will now claim from here unto 2024 that Biden answered the presses’ questions and there’s no reason to have another one. This president is going to hug his size 30 font teleprompter tight and the script will only get tighter from here. If his handlers were worried before today, they have to now be terrified of what Biden may do the next time they loosen the reigns even slightly.


Heck, after today’s dumpster fire, the White House immediately called a lid.

Joe Biden couldn’t handle more than an hour of doing his job. Think about that. I’ve never seen a president that operates like this, and if Biden were a Republican, there would be no end to the number of “25th Amendment” op-eds in circulation. But he’s a Democrat so it’s cool to sandbag the country with a guy who clearly has dementia. It is what it is.



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