WH Blames Biden's Stunning Unpopularity on… COVID and Russia. Maybe Voters Just Don't Like Him?

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Permanently aggrieved White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned Tuesday by Fox News’ Peter Doocy on why Biden’s poll numbers are tanking and why enthusiasm for the president seems to be so low. At first, she feigned innocence—oh, whatever do you mean, everybody’s thrilled with his leadership, how could you say such a thing—but Doocy wouldn’t it let go and, as usual, Jean-Pierre flustered and deflected and blamed everything but space aliens. The one person who she never blames: Biden. The buck stops somewhere else with this crowd.


Meanwhile, her truth-challenged predecessor is facing a battle of her own making:

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As we’ve reported, recent polling is an “absolute disaster” for the president (and that’s a CNN reporter’s take). Doocy cut right to the chase and asked, why?

"Why do you think Americans are so down on President Biden?" Doocy asked. "I know you don't like to talk about polls like the five of six swing states that he is losing right now to somebody who is a criminal defendant, but more broadly, it doesn't seem like anything you guys are doing is making [Biden] more popular. Why do you think that is?"

Jean-Pierre responded, "We understand. We are sensitive enough and open-minded enough to understand that not just this country, but globally, people have had to deal with a pandemic and coming out of that pandemic. We understand that even you think about gas prices and because of Putin's war… that led to gas prices increasing, and the president had a lot to deal with when he walked in. A lot, a lot of crises, and this is a president that took that very, very serious action."

Yes, he took "serious action"—like his war on energy, which plays a huge factor in those high gas prices. 



Oh, it’s because of the pandemic—which is in the rear-view mirror for most Americans at this point (although we must never forget the totalitarian response by Biden, Fauci, blue-state governors, and others). Oh, it’s because of the Russia-Ukraine war. That conflict is certainly ugly, but it doesn’t explain the sky-high inflation, crazy interest rates, and disaster at the southern border that we’ve seen under the Biden regime. It’s another clueless, pass-the-blame answer from this press secretary, but we’ve come to expect that. 

Doocy wasn’t having it and asked if the president’s policies were at fault. Once again KJP tried to gaslight us into thinking that his disastrous term has actually been a historical success—we’re just too dumb to know it.

Jean-Pierre then went on to list some of Biden's big wins as commander-in-chief, including the American Rescue Plan, the $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill passed in 2021.

"No Republicans voted for that, but we ended up trying to work to get an economy that's fairer for all and make sure that we don't leave people behind and creating 15 million jobs and an unemployment rate that's under 4%," she insisted. 


Yes, Karine, but Biden's free-spending ways also created out-of-control inflation, which has had a devastating effect on American families.


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They can continue to tell us that everything’s great, that all the calamities are someone else’s fault, and that Trump—even though he’s been out of office for over three years—is the reason why so many problems persist.

Fewer and fewer Americans are buying it, and if things keep going the way they’re going, Jean-Pierre will soon be looking for an MSNBC gig and Joe will hopefully be spending his days sleeping at Rehoboth Beach instead of napping in the Oval Office. 

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