Watch or Be Punished: California Students Threatened by Teacher for Objecting to Pride Video—Shown in Math Class

If you say to a liberal, “I don’t discriminate against anyone; I just don’t want sexual identity politics foisted upon my kids,” they’ll probably say something like, “Nobody’s forcing anything on you—we’re just celebrating all people.”


All the pride events, sexualized merchandise in stores, and myriad drag shows for children merely affirm our tolerance for every American, ya know?

But watch this 29-second video posted by former Tennessee congressional candidate, music video director, and popular conservative commentator Robby Starbuck. You’ll see Huntington Beach, CA, students push back against a pride-themed video clip—and promptly get threatened with punitive extra Saturday class days by the annoyed teacher if they continue to be disruptive.

That’s called coercion, folks. And it’s taxpayer-funded.

The kids groan loudly—and some even sound like they’re booing— as the screen at the front of the classroom shows rainbow flags blowing in the wind before the clip cuts to two (what seem to be) females staring lovingly into each other’s eyes and caressing each other’s arms.


RedState reached out to Robby Starbuck, and he confirmed the video’s authenticity, explaining that concerned parents had sent it to him and two kids from 10th grade DM’d him. Asked if he had anything to add, he said:

No additional comment needed really, the video speaks for itself. Absolutely wild.

He’s right about that. The kids clearly are sick of having this agenda hurled at them day after day. “Stop!” one moans.


Why are you showing this to kids?!” another yells out.

The teacher, seemingly right out of a Pink Floyd song, stridently admonishes them not to question what they’re being forced to look at.

Hey! I’ll warn you guys now, if you’re going to be inappropriate, I will have [supervision down? Inaudible] and give you all a Saturday school for next year. Knock it off!

In other words, bow to the ideology—or pay the price. You must look at what we tell you to.

This is right on the heels of a piece I wrote earlier this month about another California teacher who was placed on leave for teaching minors about the finer points of anal sex and advising them on where to purchase sex toys. They tell you these things aren’t happening, but we have the receipts.

I was able to find the Facebook account of the person who is presumably the parent of the student who made this video. I am choosing not to link to it in the interests of her privacy. She wrote Sunday:

[Name redacted] came to me last night and said she was scared she did the wrong thing by taking the video. That right there is the innocence of youth and how easily they can be made to feel bad. A good time for evil to come in and take over. This right here is the most important lesson of all this.

Another user responded, “She did the right thing!”

The video that was shown to the kids was evidently part of this cute, well-produced, student-made rah-rah tribute to the school as part of their award-winning “Bolt TV” project, which in this episode depicted various sports accomplishments and fun events that occurred during the school year while also urging seniors to be sure to show up for graduation rehearsal.



It’s truly a fun and inspiring mashup by these kids showcasing their school and the wonderful year they had. Most of the ten-minute clip features stories about which teacher will be missed most, great sports moments—all the highlights of their HS school lives. But there’s one moment at the 2:15 mark where all that abruptly changes.

Suddenly it turns somber. An earnest, slightly scared-sounding voice frets as dramatic music plays:

JUNE. The start of summer.

[Long tense pause.]

June is much more than the beginning of summer, but a conversation starter for acceptance, change and love amongst each other. This is pride month.

A former Edison student has had their sexual orientation change throughout high school, where she found some that helped her give community. She says the first kiss I had was with the girl.

[Various photos of relationships appear; interestingly, they’re seemingly all girl-on-girl.]

Most of my family supported me until my mother stepped in. She found a safe space with the people who were also like them. No matter what anyone says, be proud if you are, and keep fighting.

[Another long, ponderous pause.]

At Edison, we should make all students feel welcome here no matter their gender or sexual orientation. So if you’re out and, proud, closeted, or even just an ally—be proud of who you are.

[A clip of a group people of indeterminate genders with sparkles on their faces plays.]

Most importantly, don’t forget to love each other. Happy Pride month.

The video quickly returns to its theme of school pride as if that moment never happened.


I won’t even argue with the message here. What I will ask instead is, what in the h*** does this have to do with math? And did they show the entire uplifting message about the school, or did they force the kids to sit through just this one section of the video? I don’t know if the administration ordered the student producers to include this bit, but it certainly felt like it.

It was as if you were watching one movie and it suddenly switched into an entirely different film.

In any case, it clearly has nothing to do with mathematics, so my next question is: If you’re going to take this time out from important studies, did you also celebrate the gender identities and sexual preferences of all the other students? No. Those with traditional male/female relationships were not featured or given any special status.

Those who might hope to find love with an opposite-gender partner and maybe someday start a family? No special segment devoted to them.

It’s interesting to see that even in ultra-woke California, students at what certainly looks like an idyllic Huntington Beach high school have had enough of this indoctrination. Tolerance and acceptance are one thing, but 24-7 bowing to the pride flag is another, and even in this bluest of the blue states, people are saying: Can you slow your roll on this stuff?

Can’t we just graduate without having to talk about sex and gender the entire time?

UPDATE: Robby Starbuck got clarification that the video was shown to all classes at the same time, not just math. Looks like the school wanted to be sure that every single student got their daily dose of indoctrination that day.



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