You Knew It Was Coming: CA Law Would Make It Child Abuse to Not Affirm Your Kid's 'Gender Identity'

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You knew a bill like this was coming, and you knew it would probably emanate from the California legislature because while the Golden State state crumbles, its leaders spend most of their waking hours obsessing over transgenderism and what kind of car you drive.


AB 957, the “Family law: gender identity” bill, passed California’s State Assembly on May 3, but radical state Senator Scott Wiener (D-SF) added an amendment on June 6 that would change the state’s standard of the well-being of a minor to “include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

In other words, you’re guilty of child abuse if you refuse to call your son “Jane” and buy him dresses. Authorities could take your kid away if you don’t bend the knee:

California courts would be given complete authority under Section 3011 of California’s Family Code to remove a child from his or her parents’ home if parents disapprove of LGBTQ+ ideology.

By changing the definition of what constitutes the “health, safety, and welfare of [a] child,” schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations interacting with children would be required to affirm “gender transitions” in minors by default—or risk charges of child abuse.


Here’s the woman who co-authored the bill with Wiener, Assembly Member Lori Wilson (D-Suisun City), speaking about the measure even before the latest amendment was added:

She spouts some truly toxic points here, basically saying that she knows better than you do how to raise your child.

So this particular bill adds the very important factor that affirming a child’s gender identity is in their best interest… Because if you have a 7-year old who’s talking about having a potential… to articulate that they believe that they are not the same gender as they are biologically, then it should be affirmed and through care it should be determined… 

That’s what we did with our own child, and that would give the ability for a parent who wasn’t sure to affirm and get their child the care they need.  

But by saying and  rejecting it… then you’re essentially rejecting your child.


What utter nonsense. A 7-year-old simply doesn’t have the ability to articulate or even understand what changing their gender means. Meanwhile, how hateful to say that you are rejecting your child by saving them from the kind of “care” Wilson advocates—irreversible surgeries and drugs that carry huge health risks.

But Wiener takes it even one step further with his amendment. Here’s the full sentence of what he added:

This bill, for purposes of this provision, would include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.

Think about the implications. This wouldn’t only apply to custody battles—what if the school LGBTQ group noticed that a student’s father disapproved of his daughter’s desire to have her breasts removed and contacted authorities? Would the state take the kid away from home because the parents weren’t caring for her “health, safety and welfare”?

Next for AB 957 is a scheduled hearing in the State Senate on June 13 at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Doubtless, it will pass this radical legislature and end up on Gov. Newsom’s desk, where in all likelihood, he will sign it along with a flowery statement about love and inclusion that will shame any parent who deigns to disagree with this bill and with gender-affirming “care.”


Here’s the guy who wants to tell you how you should raise your children:

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