Biden's Remarks and Flag Display at Pride Celebration Are Truly Messed Up

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden held a large Pride event on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday with hundreds of guests.

Biden attacked laws that banned things like irreversible transgender surgery for minors, claiming that such laws were “anti-LGBTQ.” To Joe, seeking to protect kids from irreversible damage is “targeting” kids.


“These bills and laws attack the most basic values and freedoms,” Biden said, turning reality on its head. “The right to raise your own children.”

Wait, isn’t this the same guy who believes the state has the right to teach your children what it wants, whose administration targeted parents for speaking out against that? So parents who don’t like what the schools might want to impose on their children are bad, but parents who want to permanently cut off their child’s genitalia are cool.

But it didn’t end there. He said they were committing “more funding” to help “families” to “support and affirm their kids.” He also tripped over the LGBTQ term, leaving out the “T” when saying they were also committing funding for dealing with homelessness.

That sounds like not only is he falsely attacking laws that protect kids, but he’s providing federal funding to help “affirm” (transition?) kids. So is federal funding now going to transitioning minors? Yikes. And why are they putting homeless people in “categories” — aren’t they trying to help all homeless? And isn’t that mainly a function of state agencies?


Then he went into Biden delusion time, where he makes up things and panders to the people in the audience.

Biden claimed that someone could get married in the morning and then be “thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon,” so something is still “very wrong in America.”

This is just a straight-up lie. It’s against the law to throw anyone out of a restaurant — a public accommodation — for being gay. Is he going to make something that is already against the law, more against the law? But he’s lying to the LGBTQ audience, pandering and trying to whip them up.

He also told that same false story about his first encounter with gay men when he was with his father in Delaware and how his father told him that the two men who he said were kissing were in “love.” This story has been called into question even by the Washington Post fact checker.

Biden continued, saying “I see more courage on this lawn than any time I’ve seen in the recent past.”


A reminder that he just visited with members of the military in North Carolina the day before, he recognized Medal of Valor firefighters on May 17, and he attended Memorial Day ceremonies. Yet he’s seen more “courage” from folks gathering at a Pride event.

However, because Joe is Joe, so he couldn’t get by without a gaffe.

“I was proud to have ended the ban on transjester Americans — transgender Americans — serving in the United States military,” Biden declared.

Finally, many noted something concerning at the Biden Pride event. While they were displaying the Progress Pride flag which includes recognizing people of color and trans people, they were displaying it from the balcony of the White House with the Progress Pride flag in the center and on the same level as the American flags.

Many claimed the positioning was a violation of the U.S. flag code.


But Biden didn’t seem to care about it. Indeed he was “proud” of the placement of the flag, or at least the intern tweeting from his account on Saturday night was. Notice the American flags aren’t even recognized in the tweet. Just the Progress Pride flag.



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