Why Would a 'Basic White Girl' Become Trans? Because She'll Go From Zero to Hero in a Heartbeat

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What to do these days if you’re a regular white teenage girl? You do decently in school, you aren’t a star athlete or super popular, you’re in general what people would call “nice.”

In today’s world, you’re nobody. In fact, there’s even a derogatory term for it: “basic white girl.” The Urban Dictionary helpfully provides a way to use it in sentences: “Ugh, Avery is such a basic white girl. She’s got yoga pants, white converses, scrunchies, and a hydroflask.”

Ugh,” they write. In other words, such a normal person is to be mocked, ignored—shunned even. Worse, this theoretical young lady doesn’t get to participate in any of the affinity groups that are all the rage at high schools and colleges (even elementary schools) around the country. Unlike race-changing Rachel Dolezal, she can’t join the African American society, she’s probably not welcome at the Latinx gathering, she’s unlikely to find a home in the All Queer Environment confab… 

In fact, here’s a list of affinity groups at a top Portland, Oregon school that she might not be received into with open arms:

  • 99% (economic diversity)
  • AAPI
  • All Queer Environment (LGBTQ+)
  • DESI
  • Invisible-Visible Differences
  • Jewish
  • Latinx
  • Multi Culti (Multiracial)
  • TRIBE (The Real Indescribable Black Experience)

In theory, these DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) groups were supposed to give students or employees of different identities a place to speak their truths and feel “safe.” In practice, however, in my experience, they more often splinter off flocks of people who then feel less invested in the community as a whole. They will often hold their own events like barbecues, graduations, and fundraising balls entirely separate from the company or the school—and if you don’t have the correct identity creds, you’re not invited. Instead of fostering a feeling of togetherness, they can lead to separate, competing interests—often leery of each other—who are not part of the organization but instead more interested in their own domain.

Basic boys don’t have it any easier. Shaving giant Gillette has told them they will grow up to be toxic males full of misogyny and bigotry. Their own president has told them they’re disqualified from certain jobs like filling Supreme Court vacancies because of their ethnicity and sex. California Governor Gavin Newsom is on record saying he would appoint a U.S. senator from the Golden State—should a vacancy arise—solely based on race and gender. “White” and “male” need not apply.

But there is an answer to this, and kids have figured it out. Want to be celebrated? Want to stand out? Want to be invited to the White House? Declare that you’re gay, or even better—transgender.

The numbers are staggering. Youths identifying as being a member of a particular alphabet group have absolutely skyrocketed in recent years.

Is this because centuries of sexual preferences have changed suddenly for reasons we don’t fully understand? Or were there always such an apparently high number, and they’ve been hiding for the most part for all these millennia in fear of ridicule or discrimination?  Of course, there have always been homosexual people of both genders in humankind, as well as those either unsure or uncomfortable in their bodies. But does this explain the explosion of the phenomenon?  

Or is it because to come out or “transition,” you suddenly become special? Our basic white girl goes from invisible to the star of the show virtually overnight if she suddenly changes her name to “Mak” and wears male clothes.  She will walk into Target or the mall to see posters, marketing, and merchandise cheering for her decision. Her feelings of teenage awkwardness—-experienced by almost every human ever to exist in modern times—will magically disappear because she’s different, unusual, better than.

And for a basic white boy—middling at sports, perhaps? He’s just punched himself a ticket to the State Championships, plus the ability to hang in locker rooms full of vulnerable girls instead of subjecting himself to the possibility of swirlies in the men’s room.

If you’re the child of a Hollywood celebrity, wouldn’t you feel the pressure to conform to the new normal? The astonishingly high number of Tinseltown stars who trot out their transgender children like fashion accessories can’t be an accident.

I think that is the most insidious part of this “revolution.” It’s one thing to argue against discrimination and for inclusiveness and tolerance, but it’s another affair entirely when the narrative shifts to imply or even state out loud that it’s better to be somewhere on the constantly changing LGBTQIA+ spectrum. It’s provably not—members of these classifications experience healthcare challenges and mental health issues at a far higher rate than “basic” people.  

I wrote an opinion piece last month in which I stated that “I am not anti-trans.” I took some blowback from some who thought I was too soft on the issue, but what I meant was that I don’t wake up wanting to beat up anybody or discriminate against those whose life decisions I question. I am, however, very much against the radical trans movement we’re seeing in this country (and in Europe) where it’s clear that their ideology is being pushed onto children and they’re basically being told that trans people are somehow superior to “cis” (also known as men or women)) folks.

In news no one could have predicted even a few years ago, our octogenarian, girl-sniffing, formerly anti-gay marriage president has gone full-on extremist on the issue, releasing a Pride Month statement endorsing genital deforming surgeries on minors and biological males thrashing females in women’s and girls’ sports. It’s bats**t crazy. 

If you go on to a college or high school campus these days, you will see hulking men with long hair wearing dresses and claiming that they’re women. You’ll see slender “boys” with female curves and perhaps even facial hair who aren’t even coming close to coming off as actual males. (Trust me, we can tell. Your heavily filtered social media posts might look good, but in person, we know.) 

I went to a performance recently where the performers were of the same gender and wore the same outfit. The point of the matching costumes was to present a theme of, “We are a team, we are a unified group.” However, one of them wore a completely different outfit—garb obviously designed for the opposite gender —clearly telling the audience, “I am different, I am special—pay attention to me.” The point of the ensemble was to showcase unity, not to shine the spotlight on one individual. 

This one participant, however, found the newest cheat code on how to receive special treatment.

There’s a reason why so many of our young are suddenly coming out as transgender or “other”—and it’s because they can go from zero to hero with one statement. They might get a coveted Sports Illustrated cover that they certainly wouldn’t have otherwise, they might get an appointment in the Biden administration that they weren’t necessarily qualified for, they might get a Bud Light marketing deal that they would never have been considered for given their other qualifications and achievements. 

It was one thing to preach tolerance, but it’s another entirely to promote the idea that these lifestyles are morally superior to traditional ones. There are many signs that Americans are fighting back, but I fear there will be many more young lives ruined before the battle is won.

It’s too bad that in this day and age, kids feel that they need to go to such dramatic lengths just to feel “special.” They are special simply because they’re alive, and they’re full of promise, and they’re our future.

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