Grab the Popcorn: Tim Scott Will Appear on 'The View' to 'Look Those Ladies in the Eyes'

Senator Tim Scott to appear on The View. (Credit: Alex Thompson/Twitter)

As RedState‘s Sister Toldjah reported, “The View” co-host Joy Behar reached new levels of ignorance and intolerance with her racist comments earlier this month against GOP presidential candidate and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Toldjah described what one of the “Mean Girls” of TV had to say:


“And [Sen. Scott is] one of these guys, who you know, he’s like Clarence Thomas, black Republican, who believes in pulling yourself by your bootstraps, rather than, to me, understanding the systemic racism that African-Americans face in this country and other minorities. He doesn’t get it,” Behar proclaimed.

“Neither does Clarence. And that’s why they’re Republicans,” Behar went on to say, while disrespectfully leaving out his title of “Supreme Court Justice,” which he more than earned.

It was Scott himself who had the best retort, tweeting: “There’s no doubt a white lady dressing up in black face to give a black man advice probably doesn’t ring true.” That’s drop the mic stuff.

But on Monday, Scott will do more than just tweet—he’ll be appearing on “The View” to face the vacuous hosts face-to-face. The combined IQ of the room will instantly double when he walks in. Unfortunately, he may not be able to tell Behar how wrong and lacking in knowledge she is on virtually every subject because Monday is her usual day off.

He’s looking forward to the appearance:

“I’m going on The View on Monday because I think it’s time for a conservative with a backbone to look those ladies in the eyes and say you do not have to be an exception to succeed in America,” he told an audience of Republicans in Des Moines, Iowa.

“You can be the rule and succeed in America. You see, I scare the dickens out of the radical left and Joe Biden. Proof of my life destroys their lies.”



He gleefully pounded the leftist show:

My socks said hogwash on them. When I think about hogwash, it just makes me think about The View.

Funny stuff. However, while Scott has a sense of humor, he was also deeply offended by Behar’s comments. In addition to the tweet mentioned above, he said at the time that Behar’s claims were “offensive and disgusting and dangerous”‘ and “literally the dumbest, most offensive thing I’ve ever witnessed on TV to hear these millionaire TV personalities telling me how to live my life as a black man.”

I hope Behar has the gumption to forgo her day off and face Scott in the studio. She needs to tell him—and the nation—how she thinks a privileged white woman is in any position to lecture an African-American man on the struggles of being black. It would be like me sermonizing to her about the difficulties of being a woman. I can only imagine the tornado that would ensue in my house if I tried to tell my daughters or my wife that they don’t understand the hardships of femininity. I would quickly be reminded that my couch is not actually that comfortable.


Good for Tim Scott for standing up to these bullies. I’d love to see him confront Behar, but I doubt she has the guts to show up. We’ll have to settle for Whoopi flailing to stand up to his superior intellect.


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