MOTR, Ep. 83: If We Had a Leader in Times Like This, We Could Have Some Hope

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Maybe so many of us won't feel so isolated, uncertain, and adrift if we realize that we're not alone in feeling so isolated, uncertain, and adrift during these anxious political times.

Americans have forgotten how to listen to each other. The media is no longer widely trusted as an honest source of news. 

So much of our public life these days is full of uncertainties and characters of, well, low character. We have indictments of congressional members, a former president, brewing scandals about the sitting president, and a 90-year-old senator representing the most populous state clinging to office long after she's lost mental competence -- and dying there.

Plus, there's inflation, interest rates, self-important pols practicing the politics of self-interest, rising crime, a world featuring evil beings doing unspeakable things to innocents, and a wobbly commander in chief who turns 81 next month, looks lost, lies like a White House rug, and says he wants to keep that job til he's 86.

Three out of four Americans of both parties do not want Joe Biden to run again. They say — accurately — that he's not mentally or physically up to the job. And by about the same numbers, they'd rather that the other party's front-running candidate not return to office either. 

Look again at the photo above. There's Secretary of State Antony Blinken actually showing Joe Biden where to walk off a stage in his own house. That would be insulting impertinence for a healthy chief executive.

It's a disconcerting mess that I try to make some sense of in this week's commentary. We're all trying to make sense of this. Feel free to help out with your own thoughts in the Comments below.

The news of the Hamas atrocities in Israel is so disturbing and distressing, and the initial reactions of this presidential administration so puzzling and tone-deaf, that it makes many other things seem minor and meaningless.

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