MOTR, Ep.81: They Can't Tell Him, but These New Biden Polls Are Devastating

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California is the ATM for Democrat campaigns of all kinds. 

If political polls were predictive 13 months out, the donors at Joe Biden's fundraisers out there this week could save a lot of their money for the new taxes he envisions in a second term.

Tell me, Andrew, how bad are the Big Guy's new job ratings? Well, I'll tell you. They're worse than Donald Trump's worst days. 

In fact, they're so bad, a significant chunk of voters admit to looking back on Trump's administration fondly. 

They're so bad, that the Washington Post called its own poll an outlier that probably should be ignored. Some might suspect that's because the poll put that newspaper's arch-villain, Donald Blofeld, 10 points ahead of their hero, Joe Biden, in a hypothetical 2024 match-up.

As promised in the audio, here is the link to the ABC News/Washington Post poll and the Post's unusual warning about its own results poll.

And here is the more subdued and widely accepted NBC News poll.

Forty-four percent of Americans say they're worse off now than before Biden entered office and began spending newly-printed money and erasing the hard-won energy independence. That's the worst finding for any president in 37 years.

His job approval on the economy is 30 percent. His overall job rating is 37 percent approval and 56 percent disapprove. 

Biden's been bragging all summer about the low unemployment rate, most recently at 3.8 percent. But as Shania Twain sings, that don't impress them much. Only 35 percent think that's "excellent" or "good." On the other hand, 57 percent said "poor" or "not so good."

It's the prices for gas and food that are rankling voters most. Gas prices, for instance, are back up above $3.80 on average nationally now and much higher in some places like California, where I used to live. I recently paid $2.89 where I currently live.

Both polls found deep dissatisfaction over his economy-handling. Remember "It's the economy, stupid"? Fewer than four-in-10 are happy about that.

What's potentially worse for the 80-year-old's hopes of taking long paid vacations from living in the White House until he's 86 is serious erosion of his support among traditional Democrat voters, like young people 18 to 35.

In that group -- grab your MAGA hat --  Trump leads Biden 53 percent to 38 percent. Then, there's the festering border crisis that's overwhelming Democrat sanctuary cities, and Biden's doing nothing about it. And the ripples of this human tsunami tragically roll on to affect veterans and others.

Other than all that, though, JRB should feel really good about things right now heading into the campaign year.

Which is what we talk about here in today's episode of Malcolm on the Right.

The most recent audio commentary looked at the illegal immigrant problem that the Biden administration has encouraged/permitted/ignored, which is overwhelming housing and social service resources in American communities now with the prospect of costing multiple billions into the foreseeable future.

I've written a couple more of this new ongoing series of personal Memory posts. This one on my discovering Space and this one on that night in high school that changed the direction of my life. Links to all of them are at the end of the latest post.

 Both posts produced an abundance of reader Comments that make for good reading.

You should probably skip this one on Mitt Romney. It will make you too mad.

Here's how long I've been hanging around this news-writing business: A dignified, successful veteran news executive named James Hoge recently passed away after decades of impressive service in this country's big-city newspaper world. 

When we were both in Chicago, he offered me a job as a reporter on the Chicago Sun-Times. I was quite proud that someone of his stature would see such worth in me. I still am. 

Now, his son, Bob Hoge, is my colleague here at RedState. Bob recently posted a major piece that captures so much of what I think is eating away at the hearts and minds of many: Mayhem in America, The New Normal. It is disturbing. 

I recommend it.



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