Antony Blinken's Palestinian Attack Response Was So Absolutely Awful That He Deleted It

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool, File

Antony Blinken found himself in hot water on Sunday evening after a post was made on his official account calling for an immediate "ceasefire" between Israel and Hamas. That comes after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, murdering civilians indiscriminately. The current death toll from the attacks total over 800, a number sure to rise as more bodies are found and identified.  


Blinken's post echoed the sentiments of several far-left, anti-Semitic Democrat congressional members, including Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar. 

For anyone that's confused, calling for a "ceasefire" just as Israel is about to take out Hamas and end possibly decades more of attacks and bloodshed is a morally bankrupt position. It assumes that terrorists should be able to rape and murder women and children at will while not having to actually pay a price for their activities. It is not a standard that the United States would ever hold toward its own enemies, and demanding that Israel bend the knee in this situation is deranged. 

Countries have a right to defend themselves, and terrorists don't get to call a time-out the moment they face the consequences of their brutality. That is exactly how you get more terrorism. Blinken may be to the far-left, but he's smart enough to know what, and it is unconscionable that he would put out such a statement. 

Sure enough, his post was deleted sometime Monday morning. Does that mean that some staffer sent it? That's highly probable given Blinken likely doesn't control his own social media. Is that an excuse, though? Not in the least. 

In fact, it further exposes a sickness within the Biden administration. For context, the very first response given on Saturday as the attacks were unfolding was to blame both sides and call for "de-escalation." Women were literally being murdered in the streets and stripped of their clothes to be defiled for the cameras, and the State Department treated it as a minor skirmish. 


I'd say the ineptness is stunning, but there's no reason to believe these are mistakes. Rather, it just seems as if their true feelings are being shared, only to be deleted later because of the backlash.

That is who the Biden administration is. It is filled with Obama-era officials who would just assume Israel be wiped off the face of the earth rather than speak clearly about evil. As they say, when people tell you who they are, believe them.



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