MOTR Ep. 30: Americans Are Squandering the Trust That's Held Them Together

Trust is a tricky thing. You can’t see it, You can’t touch it. You can only feel it, especially when it’s gone.

Just trust me on that. See what I mean?

But you can’t get along well without trust. Ask the 50 percent of married American couples who end up getting divorced.

Along with patience, the invisible trust of a nation has been the major factor holding together a vast, disparate nation like the United States. We’ve trusted each other. We’ve trusted our institutions and traditions. We’ve trusted our leaders.

But we don’t anymore.

There are reasons. That’s what I’ve been pondering in recent days following release of a new Gallup Poll on the Supreme Court.

My thoughts:

Here’s last week’s audio commentary on making our world a safer, happier place four paws at a time.

And this week’s Sunday column on the one single television program that changed our nation’s politics forever. This one seemed to resonate with many, like me, who remember that night 62 years ago last week.

In other depressing news, the president of the United States continues sharing whoppers that have corroded his credibility into tatters. Can you trust what he says about anything?

Kamala Harris continues her word salad schtick, the FBI is out with new crime stats that present more questions than answers, and an important question: Is Google manipulating email delivery to hurt conservative communications?

It seems so. There’s that trust thing again.


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