Joe Biden Steals Valor in Colorado With Highly Questionable Speech

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With the latest inflation numbers set to come out on Thursday (and little reason to believe they’ll be good), it was as good a time as any to get Joe Biden away from Washington and away from any accountability for his disastrous policies. Thus, the president headed to Vail, CO, to talk about national monuments and to stump for incumbent Sen. Michael Bennett, who is facing an unexpectedly tough challenge from Republican Joe O’Dea prior to November’s election.


What followed was a highly questionable speech with the typical oddities we’ve come to expect when Biden speaks publicly. There was a bit of stolen valor mixed in as well, as the president stated a falsehood he’s otherwise insinuated many times before.

To kick things off, here’s Biden attempting to tell a joke, something to usually doesn’t go well. I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean, but hey, when has that ever mattered?

Does anyone else see the problem there? It sure seems like Biden is suggesting that Bennett is a fraud who doesn’t actually believe anything he says about the environment but instead only follows the script his wife gives him. I’m not sure that’s exactly a strong case to reelect the guy.

Regardless, here’s the president riffing about how few cliffs there are. Yeah, I know.


There are, in fact, many cliffs, especially up and down the Rio Grande. You could forgive Biden for getting confused, though. He is extremely old and feeble, after all, and that’s never more on display than when he attempts to share some life experience that may or may not have taken place. More recently, he tried to draw on common ground by lying about the extent of a house fire from his childhood.

Those types of exaggerations were present in this speech. At one point, Biden bizarrely claimed that his son, Beau Biden, “lost his life in Iraq.”

This shouldn’t have to be said, but the president’s continual attempt to make it seem like his son died in combat is gross and adds up to stolen valor, something normal people get canceled for. It can also no longer be written off as an innocent mistake. Biden has continually, over the years, made the false suggestion, though this may be his most direct lie about it to date.

In reality, Beau Biden died of cancer years after leaving Iraq, where he served as a lawyer. There has never been any evidence that his cancer was even connected to his tour, but even if it were, that does not mean he “lost his life in Iraq.”


Needless to say, if a Republican made such a claim, the “fact-checking” industry would go nuts correcting the record. In this case, no one in the mainstream media will say a word, and not because the topic is sensitive. They won’t say a word because it would mean daring to be fair and balanced in pointing out dishonesty.

All this is just so tiring. Every single day, there’s some new absurdity being repeated by the president, and every day, there’s a lack of accountability for any of it. I’ll continue to do my part, though.


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