Carlos Santana, 76, Apologizes for Speculating That a Woman 'Is a Woman'

Matt Sayles

Shakespeare claimed a rose is a rose; according to lore, Freud insisted a cigar is sometimes just a cigar. Were those proclamations of profundity or announcements indicating the obvious? Either way, some statements of the sort aren't presently preferred. 


Relatedly, a rock legend recently offered that something is the very thing which it is. And unfortunately for Carlos Santana, the thing he chose was a woman. He also redundantly referenced a man. Hence, an uproar ensued.

At a New Jersey concert in late July, Santana felt compelled to comment on biology. He also asserted people are created by God. 

Inflammatory Language Ahead:

"When God made you and me, before we came out of the womb, you know who you are and what you are. Later on, when you grow up and you see things, and you start believing that you could be something that, it sounds good, but you know it ain’t right. Because a woman is a woman and a man is a man. That’s it. Whatever you wanna do in the closet, that’s your business. I’m okay with that.”

"I am like this with my brother Dave Chappelle," he added -- gesturing an alignment with his hands.

It's certainly out of step with modern morality:

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Back to Carlos, he was born in 1947. Given that transgenderism -- the belief that one sex can vanish as the opposite sex manifests in its place -- was first notably embraced a mere few years ago, might progressive Americans assume a 76-year-old wouldn't be on board? Might woke warriors expect anyone profoundly predating 2018 to likely hold views similar to Santana's? Such doesn't seem the case. As for the "Black Magic Woman" singer specifically, online audiences have been aghast. 

A sampling of trauma-tainted tweets:

  • "[C]arlos Santana is a transphobe? No more of his music for me."
  • "[Forget] him and every transphobe. Wish you hadn't been such [a jerk], Santana."
  • "[N]ot Carlos...being a transphobe. ... Learning he’s a [cruddy] person [stinks]. Anyway, [forget] you, Carlos. You can’t be about love and activism and hate people for being who they are."
  • "I did not have 'Carlos Santana is a transphobe' on my Bingo card for 2023."
  • "[A]pparently, a transphobe. The world's crazy."
  • "I am beyond horrified that Mr Santana is a transphobe with a microphone."
  • "Carlos...being a transphobe is extremely heartbreaking."
  • "I actually really enjoyed a few of his songs and he was on my to-listen list… Not anymore, I guess."

Given his diagnosed phobia, a society sensitive to mental illness may have provided him a pass. Alas, it doesn't look to have happened. 

Across media, a few headlines:

As for that last one, on Thursday, the repentant rocker took to Facebook:

I am sorry for my insensitive comments. They don’t reflect that I want to honor and respect all person’s [sic] ideals and beliefs. I realize that what I said hurt people and that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to the transgender community and everyone I offended.

Here is my personal goal that I strive to achieve every day. I want to honor and respect all person’s [sic] ideals and beliefs whether they are LGBTQ or not. This is the planet of free will, and we have all been given this gift. I will now pursue this goal to be happy and have fun, and for everyone to believe what they want and follow in your hearts without fear. It takes courage to grow and glow in the light that you are and to be true, genuine, and authentic. We grow and learn to shine our light with Love and compliments. Have a glorious existence. Peace.


Will all be forgiven? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, it's long been apparent that rock 'n' roll has exited the arena of rebellion. Once known for its rough and rowdy edges, the genre now feels smooth as silk. What can be said about our new normal? Following Shakespeare and (allegedly) Freud and (problematically) Santana, simply put, it is what it is.


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