Professor Instructs Parents to Expose Their Little Girls to Adult Penises

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For quite some time, people have generally agreed that little kids shouldn't see opposite-sex adult genitalia. But a new era may be upon us. Case in point: an academic's prescription for proper parenting.


Katja Thieme is an associate professor of teaching at The University of British Columbia's Department of English Language and Literatures. And recently, the English expert opined online about dangling participles.

Katja's post was purportedly prompted by a video of University of Kentucky NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines speaking on the impact of males in women's sports. Specifically, Riley recounted competing against Lia Thomas.

An excerpt:

"We watched from the side of the pool as Thomas won a national title in the 500-yard freestyle, beating out the most impressive and accomplished female athletes in the country, including Olympians and American record-holders -- whereas just the year before, Thomas at best was ranking in the 400s in the men's category. The next day, Thomas and I raced in the 200 freestyle, which ended up in a tie. ... Having only one trophy, the NCAA told me that I would go home empty-handed and the trophy would go to Thomas. ... I was shocked. I felt betrayed and belittled. ... But my feelings didn't matter. What mattered to the NCAA were the feelings of a biological male."


Riley's recollection struck Katja as contemptible. Hence, the teacher held class. Per the Daily Mail, Katja "claimed kids should be exposed to adult genitalia to prepare them for the possibility of seeing a naked trans person."

In a lengthy response to the video, in which Thieme blasted Gaines, she also tweeted: "Hey, want to know one of my all-time excellent parenting ideas?"

Her idea involved unmentionables:

"Let. Little. Children. See. Penises. And. Vulvas. Of. Various. Ages. And. Sizes. In. A. Casual. Normalized. Totally. Safe. Way."

Planetary people, prepare for thanksgiving:

"The world will thank you for it. And so will those children when they grow up."

As evidenced by a host of headlines, sexual parts and sexuality are increasingly mixed with minors:

Portland Schools Five-Year-Olds on 'People With Penises,' Tells Kids Their Families Are 'LGBTQIA2S+'

Nebraska Eyes Teaching Kindergarteners Gender Identity While Eleven-Year-Olds Study Pansexuality and Demigenderism

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University's Event Promoting Transgender 'Littles' Claims Children 'Know What Feels Good to Them'

World Health Organization Promotes Masturbation for Children Under Four

Knitting Group Offers Plush Prosthetic Penises Transgender Children Can Wear in Their Panties

UK TV Show ‘Mums Make Porn’ Fights Toxic Masculinity By Mothers Making Porn & Showing Their Kids


Sex Education Book for 'Good Parents' Says to Let Your Children Watch

Back to Katja vs. Riley, The Mail reports the professor's X (formerly Twitter) account -- set to private following a babies-and-balls backlash -- swiped at the swimmer with accusations of bellyaching bigotry:

[T]hieme labeled Gaines a transphobe and said: "Gaines gets tearful about the emotional effect it had on her that Thomas was holding the trophy which she had also won. That’s just whiny. What a sore not-even-loser."

It would seem in Katja's view, a very young Riley could've used some gawking at gentlemen's junk -- for which she'd now be grateful. 

Are we headed for a generation appreciative of perpetual prepubescent privates-peeping? If a University of British Columbia Professor -- in addition to many others -- has her way, then yes.


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