Texas Democratic Representative Claims There Are Six 'Biological Sexes'

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In case you haven’t lately counted sexes, a Texas Democrat’s reminding everyone of the tally…

Scientifically speaking, at least.

State Rep. James Talarico addressed the state’s Public Education Committee last week over legislation that would ban biological males from girls’ K-12 scholastic sports.


The former English teacher asked Republican Rep. Cole Hefner — sponsor of HB4042 — how many sexes there are.

As reported by The Washington Times, Cole responded with…”two.”

“The bill seems to think there are two,” James replied.

The representative — who received his M.A. in education policy from Harvard — dropped some science.

And awareness:

“The one thing I want us to all be aware of…is that modern science, obviously, recognizes that there are many more than two biological sexes.”

Make note:

“In fact, there are six. Which — honestly, Rep. Hefner — surprised me, too.”

He’s no expert, so he consulted those who are:

“‘Cause I, you know, am not well-versed in this issue area — I’m not a scientist, I’m a politician…”

James referred to the half-dozen as “six really common biological sexes.”

Here’s a breakdown:

XX (female)
XY (male)


Of course, if the topic is gender rather than sex, things open up quite substantially.

We’ve come a long way where the concept’s concerned.

At a point, some began using “gender” — a grammatical term — in place of “sex.”

Then it was said gender — wholly different than sex — is a social construct.

Following that, we were told gender — comprised of male and female — is still separate from sex yet innate.

Amid that last revelation, alternate genders were introduced — by way of brand spanking pronouns.

A few:


Most recently, we’ve been informed of “noun self pronouns.”

From my April 14th coverage:

As reported by The New York Times, progress has produced “noun-self” pronouns.

These new representations can reference animals or “fantasy characters.”

For instance, you’re welcome to shove-off “she” and become “bun/bunself.”

For you lads who lick your liquids and leak in a litter box, give “he” the heave-ho and purr to the possibilities of “kitten/kittenself.”

I feel certain someone in the Comments wouldn’t mind metamorphosing via “vamp/vampself.”

And if you’re royally rad in a Meghan Markle manner, “prin/cess/princesself” might just be the aristocratic elevation you deserve.

But what if you feel a common phrase more accurately indicates the inner you?

Get innit to winnit — “innit/innits/innitself” is on offer.


About sex — which is to say, biology — surely most Americans have been taught it’s a deuce.

Rep. James dispelled that notion:

“The point is that, biologically speaking, scientifically speaking, sex is a spectrum and oftentimes can be very ambiguous.”

Beth Stelzer — president of Save Women’s Sports — begged to differ.

Studies have proven, she told the legislature, “that the male advantage is immutable [in athletics], and there are in fact two sexes. They are dimorphic: XX, XY.”

Beth asserted the other four are only variants:

“The other, quote, sexes mentioned are disorders of sexual development that are variants of XX or XY chromosomes. They are still disorders of male or female.”

Concerning James’s contention that there are “obviously” six, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza chimed via Twitter:

On the other hand, James’s alma mater agrees that two would be low-balling it:


As for the bill, Texas isn’t alone. Nearly 30 states are considering similar measures.

On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed one into law.

Nonetheless, it may be tricky to regulate which sex can compete with which, if we can’t even figure out how many sexes there are.

Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. And you others, too.



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