Professor Claims There Are Two Sexes, All but One of Her Graduate Students Walk Out

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Not long ago, mylar balloons sold at drug stores pointed to the foundation of human existence: “It’s a boy,” or “It’s a girl.” But these days, two balloons aren’t nearly enough.


Case in point: a recent situation at the University of Southern Maine (USM).

As reported by the Bangor Daily News, Professor Christy Hammer made a stunning statement September 7th during her Creating a Positive Learning Environment class. Shockingly, the academic claimed there are only two sexes.

The assertion caused a kerfuffle — and not among 18-year-olds. It was older students who were aghast, as the course is a graduate program requirement for statewide teacher certification.

During the session at Bailey Hall on the Gorham campus, a free-for-all discussion erupted over both social gender and biological sex identifications, with one student and [Christy] saying they believed only male and female biological sexes exist.

The rest of the class maintained both biological sexes and social genders are on a spectrum.

Student Elizabeth Leibiger was absent that week, but she caught wind of the incident from peers. That left her with a bone to pick, because she identifies as nonbinary. Additionally, she wants people to refer to her as multiple people via the plural pronoun “them.”

A week later, the perturbed pupil called out her terrible teacher:

When [Elizabeth] arrived for the next class…they immediately brought up the discussion…

“I asked [Professor Christy] how many sexes there were,” [Elizabeth] said. “She said, ‘Two.’ I felt under personal attack.”

[Elizabeth] then gathered their things and walked out of class because they no longer felt respected.


Elizabeth dropped the hammer on Christy Hammer. She told the Bangor Daily News — and her professor — what’s what:

“I let her know I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a class about positive learning environments. It’s the ultimate irony.”

A mass protest ensued:

After leaving class, [Elizabeth] stopped in Bailey Hall’s lobby where all but one of their classmates joined them after the group also walked out of [Christy’s] class.

The 22-strong consortium composed a letter, which they issued to the school of Education and Human Development. Their demand: a “restorative justice meeting” with Christy and the lone student who agreed with the concept of binary sex.

Still, Elizabeth wasn’t above a cutting of slack. “We thought she was just speaking from a place of ignorance, not hate,” the future high school English instructor explained.

USM capitulated and held a justice meeting, during which the outlying student publicly apologized. However, despite three grueling hours of dialogue, Professor Christy stood firm.

Graduate student — and aspiring high school science teacher — Michael Lombardi told the paper he was deeply disappointed:

“I went in very optimistic, but at the end of the three-hour session it felt like we weren’t listened to. … Knowing in my heart, as a teacher, that I always want to have my ears open to what my students are saying, and then not have that reciprocated — it was very frustrating.”


Michael’s ears aren’t open to his teacher:

“We don’t want to go back to the classroom with Christy Hammer.”

According to Elizabeth, it’s time for her professor to be put out to pasture or re-educated:

“I want her to do some diversity training at least — or just retire.”

The University of Southern Maine has assured it will save Elizabeth and her ilk from Christy’s aforementioned “personal attack.” Though the school won’t fire its instructor, on Monday, it announced an alternative Positive Learning class headed by a more modernly-moded teacher.

So goes education in 2022; the students are substantially in charge…


These aren’t your grandmother’s collegiate sexual politics. Or her/his/zir’s social setup. Biology is being wholly revamped. Amid the Bangor Daily News’s coverage — in both its article about the protest and one reporting the alternate course — the outlet made sure to publish the exact same sentence:

Biologists believe there is a larger spectrum to sex than just the male-female binary.


Fake news, averted. New science, enshrined.

Indeed, the world’s going to need a bunch more balloons. Will the West ever return to the concept of male and female? If it does, surely many Gen Z bubbles will be badly burst.



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