State University Ensures Your Cancer Doctor Will Be Trained by Whoever Is Wokest

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Consider, if you will, a scenario: You've tragically developed cancer, and the treatment has gone awry. Despite a grim prognosis, you thank your lucky stars: Your caretakers studied under a master of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


If that suits your worldview, you'll be happy to learn of San Diego State University's hiring standards. Last October, the school began searching for a professor of cancer biology. Impressively employed: a filtering process to ensure only the wokest candidate can make the cut.

The job listing reads as follows:

The San Diego State University (SDSU) Department of Biology seeks to hire one tenured/tenure-track faculty member at the Associate or Full Professor rank with expertise in the area of Cancer Biology research... ... Candidates must hold a doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., Sc.D., etc.) and are expected to make significant contributions to the scholarly literature. SDSU is home to a wide variety of student research support programs that facilitate faculty engagement of students and postdoctoral trainees in research.

But science isn't the only concern. SDSU has non-science qualifications down to...a science. As part of the process, potential hirees need to substantiate their enlightenment bonafides via a Building on Inclusive Excellence form.

The document instructs, "Please use short descriptive phrases to provide specific [illustrations] of how you meet the Building on Inclusive Excellence (BIE) criteria." 


Examples of involvement are offered:

  • Indigenous student mentoring committee, 2017
  • Ability ally program sponsor, 2018
  • Grant for health disparities research in rural Black communities

For the remainder of the form, each applicant must prove:

  1. Experience or commitment "to research that engages underrepresented communities"
  2. Commitment to "engaging in service with underrepresented populations within the discipline"
  3. Experience or commitment "to extending knowledge of opportunities and challenges in achieving artistic/scholarly success to members of an underrepresented group"
  4. Knowledge "of barriers for underrepresented students and faculty within the discipline"
  5. Experience or commitment "to teaching and mentoring underrepresented students"
  6. Research interests "that contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education"
  7. Experience or commitment "to integrating understanding of underrepresented populations and communities into research"
  8. Experience or commitment "to developing expertise in cross-cultural communication and collaboration"

Those competing for the job can also add their own "Pick me!" pleas:

We realize that some activities don’t always fit neatly in a traditional CV or narrative and we welcome learning anything more you would like to share on this topic.


It's part of the university's general approach. In addition to Building On Inclusive Excellence sections, SDSU's Tenure-Track Faculty Hiring Handbook features chapters on "Managing Implicit Bias" and the "Faculty Inclusion Representative Program." 

Before widespread wokeness, things such as medicine and biology focused on things such as medicine and biology. Suffice it to say, emphasis has expanded:

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To be sure, San Diego State University isn't alone:

Medical School Eyes Hiring 'Leaders' Based on Social Justice Views, Teaching Organs Aren't Gender-Specific

SDSU's job ad encourages tenure-chasing hopefuls to fashion "separate diversity statements...(about) how they meet at least two [inclusion] criteria." Surely those competing to win will go for all eight.


In the end, will America benefit from the best and brightest in our war against the colossal killer known as cancer? it doesn't seem guaranteed. Cancer, after all, doesn't care how woke you or your doctors are. America's higher learning apparatus, on the other hand, cares very much.


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