Trust NBC News: Race Isn't Genetic, but People Can't Change Theirs. Still, a Man Can Be a Woman

These days, you have a host of choices: coffee or tea; Twizzlers or Red Vines; you can be a man or woman — or both or neither. Yet, some options are off the table.


Such is the message recently relayed by NBC News. The outlet has studied the issue of changing one’s race and discovered it’s completely kookie.

A thorough report consults “experts” on whether race is passed on by parents. The verdict: It absolutely is not.

Trust the science:

Experts agree race is not genetic.

Even so, there’s no validity to a new trend — the Race Change To Another movement, also known as RCTA.

The Peacock profiles an aspiring Asian:

Since before she hit double digits, Alisa, 15, said she has felt a special connection with Japan. The high school student, who asked to be anonymous for fear of being doxxed online, was born in Ukraine and lives in Maryland, but she now goes by the Japanese name Miyuki and listens to “subliminals” that promise she will wake up and be Japanese. So far, she believes that by listening to YouTube videos with lo-fi music and photos of East Asian facial features while she sleeps, her vision has cleared, her eyelids have become smaller and her hair is just a bit darker.

In case you’re not Japanese but would like to be, here’s an “East Asian Appearance” subliminal:


Or how ’bout a clip to convert you to Korean…


If only…

[E]xperts underscore that it is simply impossible to change your race.


Just ask Jamie Cohen; he would know — he’s an assistant professor of cultural and media studies at Queens College, City University of New York.

Straight from the expert’s orifice:

“[The notion of changing races] is just belief. It doesn’t ever really work, because it’s not doing anything, but they have convinced themselves that it works because there’s other people who have convinced themselves, as well.”

Not only is transracialism purportedly impossible; trying to become Asian, specifically, may do damage. Again, just ask the experts:

Media experts also point to the potential dark side of the exocitization of Asian culture, saying it could be a form of modern yellowface, or the act of non-Asian people’s making their appearance more “Asian-like.”

According to another academic — The New School Assistant Professor of Media Studies (and Korean American poet) Margaret Rhee — there’s a dark side to East Asian media’s “widespread popularity” in America:

“There’s…the underbelly of that where we want to be careful, because there’s always problems around fetishization or objectification that East Asian cultures have always been subjected to, meaning being revered for these kinds of exotic characteristics but not really fully seen.”

So hate a race? That’s racist. Love one? Racist as well — even though race doesn’t actually exist.


As for the reality of race generally — which, again, isn’t a thing outside of mere social construction — it’s steeped in racism. And that fact is why you can’t change your (essentially non-existent) race:

[Experts] contend that even though race is a cultural construct, it is impossible to change your race because of the systemic inequalities inherent to being born into a certain race.

[David Freund, a historian of race and politics and an associate professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, said] the modern concept of race is inseparable from the systemic racial hierarchy hundreds of years in the making. Simply put, changing races is not possible, because “biological races” themselves are not real.

Changing race is racist, too. So explains City University of New York Psychology Professor Kevin Nadal:

“There is a privilege in being able to change your race or to say that you’re changing your race. There are many people who would be unable to ever change their race. Particularly, Black people in this country would be unable to say all of a sudden ‘I’m white’ and be treated with the same privileges that white people have.”

All this talk about race being static might prompt a query — does the same apply to sex?


RCTA and transracialism…have been compared to being transgender. However, psychologists and activists push back against comparisons.

Tiq Milan, a Black transgender activist and writer, said it is a disservice to transgender people to compare the two. Race historically emerged as a social construct to establish a racial hierarchy with the white race at the top, whereas variances in gender identity have existed for thousands of years, he said.


So race hadn’t yet been made up during Biblical times — or any period prior to white supremacy. But how could white supremacy exist to begin with, if there wasn’t already race? Either way, gender ideology may have predated Jesus. The experts have spoken.

We know the man-woman thing is malleable; behold the headlines:

Feminist Author Claims ‘Female’ Wasn’t Invented ‘Til the 1800s

New York Does It: Every Resident Can Now Be Male, Female, or ‘X’

Scientific American: The Racist Myth of Binary Sex Wasn’t Invented ‘Til Nearly 1800

‘How Dare You’: Obstetrician Is Aghast at the Claim That Men Can’t Give Birth

University-Level ‘Gender Unicorn’ Teaches That Chromosomes Don’t Determine Sex

Sorority Kicks out Woman Because She’s Also a Man

Back to race, in summary: The mythical trait affects how terribly or terrifically people treat one another; therefore, tough luck — you can’t change yours.

Some might suspect the same could apply to sex in that regard — we’re reliably informed that women are oppressed by the patriarchy while men revel in privilege. Disappointingly, NBC didn’t ask any experts about that. Hopefully, it will in good time.

In the interim, trust NBC News and the experts: You can’t change your race, which you really don’t have if we stop pretending you really do. But help yourself to coffee or tea, Twizzlers or Red Vines, manhood or womanhood.


Better yet, enjoy them all.



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