State University Hosts Pornographic 'Sex Toy BINGO' — Compliments of Student Fees

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Some say BINGO is an endeavor only fit for the old, but a recent university event calls that claim into question.

On December 2nd — thanks to mandated student funds — the University of Vermont (UVM) hosted a frisky foray.


Via Instagram, the school heralded what “we all need”:

Interested in a fun, inclusive night of BINGO, Q&A with sexperts, sex toy prizes, condom giveaways, and more? Come to Sex Toy BINGO in the Mansfield Room (aka the Davis Center fishbowl) on Friday, December 2nd at 7pm! We all need a safe place to talk about sex (and play some sex toy BINGO :).

“You know you want to come!” it added.

And at, the night was described thusly:

Join UPB for a fun, inclusive night of BINGO, question & answer with sexperts, sex toy prizes, condom giveaways, and more! We all need a safe place to talk about sex (and play some sex toy BINGO:). Come with all your questions about sex, and leave with some super cool prizes!
For more information, or to request interpretation services or other accommodations, email [email protected].

UPB is the UVM Program Board. According to the organization’s webpage, it “receives its funding from student fees… The funds are designated for programming that meets the diverse needs of the UVM community.”

The school is serious about diversity. Its official statement on the matter:

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strives to make their work accessible, affirming, and action-oriented to help ensure excellence is inclusive of everyone. DEI is leading academic and administrative units across campus in a strategic planning process to ensure policies, programs and strategies are in place to achieve inclusive excellence.


Part of that inclusion is a Land Acknowledgement:

The campus of the University of Vermont sits within a place of gathering and exchange, shaped by water and stewarded by ongoing generations of Indigenous peoples, in particular the Western Abenaki. …

UVM respects the Indigenous knowledge interwoven in this place and commits to uplifting the Indigenous peoples and cultures present on this land and within our community.

And part of that excellence, evidently, is a lottery-oriented activity bound to bestow lucky lads and lasses with a pack of condoms or an apparatus outfitted for sexploration.

Education-sponsored sexuality is a red-hot trend:

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As noted by Young America’s Foundation (YAF), “a copy of the BINGO card from a previous year’s event (at UVM) was found on [UPB’s] Facebook page.”


Many of the squares feature words that are profoundly unprintable. Among the rest:

  • Sex
  • Penetrate
  • Spank Me
  • Masturbate
  • Vibrating Panties
  • Anus

In September, UPB hosted a salacious symposium centered around a mysterious female anatomical “spot.” Per the flyer, all were welcome — including “orgasm aficionados and beginners of all orientations, genders, and gender nonbinary folks.”

Is this your grandparents’ university experience? Nope. Is it par for the course in modern America?




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