University's 'SEXXX' Week Welcomes Hookers to Discuss Legalization, Raffles off Cylindrical Supplements

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The concept of pride has exceptionally evolved. Once deemed a deadly sin, it’s now something sensationally celebrated. And sometimes, celebrations get sexy.


Such was the case recently at the University of Florida: Its Pride Student Union (UFPSU) hosted a series of “SEXXX Events.”

Attendees of the March 21-25 sexfest were bound to have a blast — the Union gave away sex toys.

From its now-deleted Instagram post:

In honor of this week’s Sexxx Events, we will be raffling off sex toys on social media every day this week and at each event. We will post a picture of the sex toys being raffled off each day and how to enter your name.

Pictured in the post:

  • Packs of latex condoms
  • A “female condom”
  • A box with the words “Comfy Mate” on it
  • A hot pink object in the shape of a skyscraper

Who forked over funds for all the frolicking? Concerning the above salacious supplements, UFPSU schooled Campus Reform:

“The Sex Toys were donated to us through an ongoing partnership the Pride Student Union has with the University of Florida Student Health Care Center [SHCC] which is an office under the [University of Florida Health]. The donation is equivalent to around $300.”

Some students weren’t enthused over the official endorsement:

Kiran Shah, who is vice president of the university’s Young Americans Foundation chapter, told Campus Reform that his organization opposed the use of SHCC funds.

“We support their right to use their own funds for free speech, but we are not okay with the use of UF Health funds for that purpose,” Shah said.


Sex and college have long been bedfellows. But recently, administrations have come on board in unprecedented ways:

Dirty Work: Universities Try to Sell Students on the ‘Positives’ of Sex

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Back to the University of Florida, in the interest of “decriminalizing” sex work, UFPSU welcomed prostitutes for a panel discussion.

[T]he union invited sex workers to be guest speakers so that the students could have the opportunity to listen and learn “from sex workers about their experiences…”

Speaking to CR, student Lisa Winders expressed her surprise:

“I think it is something that is very unexpected. I am honestly interested in wanting to know what they have to say. I just wanted to know why, I feel like I want to know the purpose because [sex work] is illegal.”

Turning Point UF member Ilah Askren offered stronger sentiments:

“Now that I am hearing more details about prostitutes coming to campus, I think it is totally bizarre. It is totally, in my opinion, demonic. It is really changing the culture of the UF Students, and how we think, and how we act in student culture.”


Don’t worry, Ilah; everything hasn’t gone Rated X. In fact, some schools are still sticking to clean, good old-fashioned fun:

The University of Florida also hosted an Interactive Gallery/Sex Museum.

It was held in the Rion…Ballroom.



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