School District Paid Nearly $500K to 'Equity' Firm That Claims Equal Opportunity Yields Equal Results, 'No Exceptions'

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In Virginia, they have an idea: Make all students earn the exact same grades.

It may not come easy, but they’re willing to buy it for half a million taxpayer dollars. Reportedly, that’s how much Fairfax County Public Schools paid to “equal outcomes” firm Performance Fact.


According to documents obtained by journalist Asra Nomani, the school district gave $455,000 to the Oakland, California organization whose website offers the following:

Our Premise. Our Purpose.

All students will learn at high levels when instruction meets their needs. What a student has learned well already, is something she/he has been taught well already. And what a student has not learned well yet, is something she/he has not been taught well yet. Student learning, then, is an “effect” whose “cause” lies in the quality and effectiveness of educational practices. If we want improved outcomes for students, the starting point must be the continuous improvement of teaching practices, leadership practices and organizational practices, because they are the precursors to student learning.

What about natural propensity — or studying, AKA individual student discipline? It seems those aren’t issues if the instruction is on point. And Performance Fact is on a mission…

At Performance Fact, our mission is clear:

  • Develop Capable Leaders
  • Strengthen Professional Practices
  • Achieve Extraordinary Student Results

We collaborate with our clients by aligning our external expertise with their internal vision for their schools and communities. Our sole commitment and “soul purpose” is supporting educational leaders and practitioners with a system of solutions for building stronger schools and accelerating learning for all students … from thought to results.


Does equal opportunity result in equal outcome? It certainly does, among a populace of perfect clones. But what if the group consists of more than one person? According to Performance Fact, it would seem, the answer is still yes.

From a slide among the material collected by Asra Nomani:

The Equity Imperative: Equitable Access, Equal Outcomes

Equitable access to resources and opportunities that guarantee fair, just, and affirming experiences and produce equal outcomes for every student, without exception

Perhaps that is worth a half-million. Curiously, despite Performance Fact’s existence, there appears a dearth of news stories citing carbon-copy performance outcomes at any school in America. Maybe more money is needed.

Of course, the notion of equal outcome is nothing new — it’s the basis for Communism. And where that sort of thing is concerned, the country has shifted:

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Obviously, there’s an easy way to produce equal outcome: Make the outcome horrible. The opposite is a tall order.


On the other hand, the school district can do whatever it wants. Perhaps it should just give everyone A’s and save the money. Could it happen? Never say never:

Meanwhile, one thing is sure: Where accomplishing equity is concerned, Fairfax County Public Schools is doing far more than its fair share:



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