Switzerland Says 'No' to Officially Establishing a Third Gender — for Now

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Do you prefer to be something other than a man, something other than a woman, or a man or woman who’s officially nothing at all? If so, don’t move to Switzerland — officially, they won’t allow it.


On Wednesday, the government rejected the addition of a third gender option for legal documents, as well as a no-gender provision.

Four-party Parliament had presented two proposals to give people more choices, but the overseeing Federal Council stuck to a Noah’s Ark approach:

“The binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society.”


“The social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender or for a general waiver of the gender entry in the civil registry currently are not there.”

The Council explained that the Swiss Constitution isn’t set up to manage people who aren’t men or women. Novel options on official records would require “numerous” changes to not only Switzerland’s Constitution but national and local laws across the nation’s 26 states — AKA “cantons.”

Citing a 2020 report, those in charge said the country known for watches, chocolate, cheese, and very useful knives isn’t ready to re-slice society.

Meanwhile, its neighbors to the north and east are carving out exemptions for alternately-identifying citizens. Per The Associated Press:

In 2018, the German government approved a third gender option for official records, allowing people to be registered as “diverse.” The law already allowed for gender to be left blank. …

In Austria, a federal court ruled in 2018 that authorities must allow people to be entered in official records as something other than male or female, if they so wish. However, it found no need to change the country’s existing law since it didn’t specify explicitly that people’s gender must be male or female.


Of course, in America, new categories have colossally caught on:

New York Does It: Every Resident Can Now Be Male, Female, or ‘X’

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Here in the states, we’re all about making sure the smallest groups among us are well tended to:

Will Switzerland remain a two-gender nation? Not if they keep up with the Western world. Along the track of Progress, we’re on a train to Wokeville. At some point, it’s likely to take us through the Alps.

For the moment:

To be clear, Switzerland is already revolutionarily enlightened in ways. If you’re male or female, you’re welcome to become a woman or man.

From The Independent last December:

The Swiss will be able to change gender legally by self-declaration at a civil registry office from Saturday.

The country will be among a handful in Europe to grant legal weight to gender self-identification. Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and Norway are the only other nations on the continent to allow someone to legally change gender without hormone therapy, medical diagnosis or further evaluation or bureaucracy.


Ideologically, the nation’s already done the heavy lifting. It just has to put some things in writing.



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