University Hosts a Workshop on Pain Management for Transgender Breast-Binding

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At the University of Vermont, they’re promoting health. Hence, the school’s LGBT headquarters — the Prism Center — recently hosted a breast-binding tutorial.


On Instagram, the college advertised its online November 29th seminar — featuring a “healer” and veritable expert:

Activist, healer, and educator Frances Reed, founder of, will lead a free, two-hour virtual workshop for students on healthy chest binding.

“Trans, non-binary, and students of any gender who bind or are considering it are welcome,” the post made clear.


Space is limited, RSVP required.

As for, the site is based on a singular tenet:

It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be Yourself.

On the web, Frances offers “concrete advice for trans and nonbinary people about binding health” as well as “training for health professionals about binding health.”

More about the founder:

Frances (they/them) is the owner of Freed Bodyworks, and has been specializing in transition-related bodywork for TGNC (Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming) folks for eight years. They believe it is imperative that we have a place where informed, credible information about binding health is widely available.

Learn from the master’s mistakes:

Frances was seriously injured from binding six years ago. Since then, they have seen transmasculine clients who are experiencing similar pain from binding and are desperate to find relief.

Frances’s tips for wrapping one’s breasts to the point that they no longer appear to exist include “massag[ing] and stretch[ing] your body after each time that you wear your binder.”


Other advice:

  • [W]ear a commercially-made binder with compression fabric that is on the front of the body and a looser fitting fabric across the back (rather than the same tightness of compression all the way around).
  • Always use the sizing guidelines to find your correct size and wear the correct size. Not only will your body experience fewer painful symptoms but the appearance of a flat chest will be improved by the correct size.
  • Practice deep, rib-expanding breathing when your binder is off. It will help you to have better capacity to breath when you are wearing your binder, which will make wearing it more comfortable for longer periods of time.
  • Take days off from binding. It will improve your overall health and is one of the few things that…will allow you to bind with less health complications for longer.
  • Hydrate constantly, binding will make your body sweat more than you think. Being dehydrated will make you ache more than you think.

Along with gender identity in general, body-part concealment is being increasingly promoted:

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Education is certainly on board where America’s social evolution is concerned. And as noted by Campus Reform, the University of Vermont’s seminar ended with — per — all attendees being “eligible to order a free binder, compression top, or similar gender-affirming garment through the Prism Center.”

The Center — according to — “serves the diverse queer and trans communities… We support and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students, as well as students whose identities fall in between or expand beyond those categories, and work to create a campus community where people of all sexual and gender identities can thrive.”

And now, that thriving will include a thoroughly-instructed squashing of breasts.



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