New Poll Reveals a Stunning Number of Dems Favor Socialism, but Do They Know What It Is?

Leslie Mazoch

Between socialism and capitalism, which would you pick?

Americans were recently served a similar query.

An August 7-10 Fox News survey measured perspectives on governmental systems.


The results for registered Democrats were especially noteworthy.

Per the poll, 49% had a positive view of capitalism.

As for socialism, Democrats favored it by a whopping 59%.

Fox Business observed the results suggest a sizable change.

In February of 2020, the same options turned up the following among Dems:

  • Capitalism: 50%
  • Socialism: 40%

Why the leap? Might it be due to an increasing reliance on Capitol Hill?

Over the past year, checks from Uncle Sam have abounded — even as job openings have gradually abundantly increased.

Or perhaps the poll reflects something true pre-pandemic: A lot of people don’t know what capitalism and socialism are.

Concerning the “C” word, we’re frequently informed it’s calamitous:

Cases in point:

University Professor Says Sex Work Is the ‘Best Thing’ for Young Adults, Abolish Capitalism and Prison

Graduation Speaker Champions Social Justice, Warns of a World Rife With White Supremacy and ‘Extreme’ Capitalism

Minnesota Proposes New Social Studies Standards That Call out ‘Whiteness, Christianity, and Capitalism’

Capitalism is, of course, a system based on a free-market economy in which an individual may own his or her own business.

Despite that, it’s not unheard of for left-leaning business owners to publicly prefer the Nazis’ favorite economic outlay.

Last month, a Hollywood actor saluted socialism:

“I don’t know that there’s anyone who could disagree with socialist ideology. If you work at Starbucks and you make the coffee, then you should own it. You’re the one making the coffee!”


From what I’ve gleaned over the past few years, such seems to be a common understanding.

Submitted for your approval, two scenarios — the first, based on popular perception:

A group of Starbucks employees are toiling away when Ed McMahon abruptly enters the store. He’s carrying balloons and giant cardboard checks.

Ed announces the employees now own the shop. Let the profits percolate!

Now a contrast:

A group of Starbucks employees are paid less than they’d like. They have no recourse, as those who run the company — Washington politicians — refuse to cough it up.

The workers would go to the cafe across the street, but it’s government-owned as well.

Hence, it pays the same.

So does every place where the employees might find work.

And that amount doesn’t buy much food, because the price of groceries is high — at every same-priced store, which is also run by federal officials.

Ultimately, there is one “big business” — the government.

Which sounds more like socialism?

It is, as you surely know, a system in which the government owns all products and means of production.

Back to the poll, if terms had been replaced by definitions, would the results have been the same?

Regardless, as for Republicans, 67% viewed capitalism fondly.

Socialism scored 8%.

For further framing of the study, in June of 2018, a two-year Gallup poll showed respondents 18-29 years of age liked socialism to the tune of 55%.


In 2021, who would you expect to favor socialism more: registered Democrats or millennials in general?

Politics is changing. Democrats are changing. America is changing.

As for the meaning of “capitalism” and “socialism,” hopefully those who plead for one will at least know that for which they’re asking.

I’d assume politicians know — after all, if things go a certain way, they’ll be the ones in charge.



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