Great News! Millennials Like Socialism!



Hey, everybody! Time to celebrate! Young people are cool with socialism! Let loose the confetti!

Here we go–

That’s right.

Socialism — an economic system in which the government owns all products and means of production — is A-OK in Millennials’ book. Unfortunately, I’m sure they either A) don’t know what the word means or B) don’t understand what the results of its implementation would be (for more information, see this hilarious take on them). But that’s beside the point.


Just ask ol’…

On Thursday, Hunter Schwarz hailed the recent 14th district congressional nomination clinch of 28-year-old Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who snagged a chance at the big time representing New York.

According to Schwarz, Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the primary indicated that future Millennial politicians’ platforms “might include Democratic socialism.”

Schwarz touted the idea:

“For many cash-strapped millennials in debt, Democratic socialism isn’t radical, it’s a way to fix a system they believe failed them.”

Allow me to translate that for you…

“For many entitled, unsuccessful, broke twenty-somethings with degrees in Gender Studies, Art History, Music Therapy, Dance, and the like, who don’t understand how money — let alone the world — works, the idea of everything being free seems right (and that’s how you get situations like this).”


And it “isn’t radical.”

Schwarz referenced a two-year Gallup poll which revealed “Millennials are okay with socialism.” The study showed that 55% of those aged 18-29 had a positive view of the system. I again refer to my earlier comment about knowing the meaning of words. To illustrate this, 57% also supported capitalism, and 78% favored free enterprise. Do that math, and you’ve got a very sad statement about the future leaders of America.


Schwarz’s online article noted that Ocasio-Cortez “won her primary…in an upset over a 10-term incumbent.” Her success, he asserted, is a case in point:

“Millennials are just starting to be elected to Congress, but they could one day make up the largest generational group there, bringing a distinctly millennial approach to policy and governing. And that might include Democratic socialism.”

In an ad, Ocasio-Cortez described her campaign as “people vs. money.”

Schwarz explained that she “[positioned] herself as an outsider determined to fix a broken system that favors the monied and privileged.”

Right. That “broken” system also favors hard work and the supply of demanded quality goods and services at a competitive price. But who’s counting?

Nevertheless, Ocasio-Cortez’s message, Schwarz said, is “one we could hear more frequently as more millennial candidates run for office.”

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