New York Private University Is Hiring, but Not if You Won't Swear Fealty to Social Justice

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Do you subscribe to social justice? If not, you’ll need to further manage your subscription if you want to work at The New School.

Such is the case for Art and Design aspirants.


The Big Apple private research university has posted a part-time faculty job opening in the area of Art and Design.

“We are collecting interest for the course Space and Materiality,” it says.

The position will guide students toward success:

The Parsons First Year Program serves all entering BFA and BBA students at Parsons. It is a year of exploration and interdisciplinary discovery that prepares students to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing world. In the program, students become resilient and proficient makers, grounded in methods of systems thinking and problem solving that they can apply to their main area of study and future endeavors.

That first year, to be sure, “promotes student-forward learning and inclusive pedagogy.”

And Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is fully forward:

Candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to working with traditionally underrepresented students through teaching, mentoring, or administration are encouraged to apply. … The New School is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace…

Required qualifications include a “terminal degree in the field of speciality” (MFA, PH.D, ABD, or equivalent is preferred), along with two to three years experience teaching (preferably at the university level).


  • Hands-on experience with basic construction techniques in wood, metal, plastics, textiles, and casting material
  • Ability to connect concepts related to space, materiality and making to a variety of disciplinary contexts as evidenced in portfolio, CV and/or teaching history
  • Experience using a variety of pedagogic methods to contextualize projects, exercises, and tools, within historical traditions of object-making as well as contemporary practice

Apropos of enlightenment, each applicant must also provide a statement of fealty to social justice.

Art and design aside, demonstrated DEI is critical:

***In your Statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, detail your experiences working with traditionally underrepresented students through teaching, mentoring, or administration. Describe your commitments to diversity and approaches to dynamics and issues of power within your pedagogy. Please be sure to include examples and/or evidence of this work in your short statement, as this is critical to the committee’s assessment of your experience.

So you may be great at art and design, and terrific at teaching…but where are your sociopolitical sensibilities? It’s an increasingly popular question; America’s evolved emphasis seems clear:

Liberal Arts School Launches DEI Certificate Program as the ‘Justice’ Industry Engulfs the World

University Makes All Graduates Pass a DEI Course, Claims Students Asked to Be Forced

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Back to The New School, it’s not the first time the institution’s make headlines this month. As I recently reported, a group of students at the college took over a campus building and demanded they be given the President’s house.


Also their demand: that everyone receive straight A’s.

That doesn’t quite sound like diversity. Then again, they’re not applying to work at the school.

Furthermore, concerning inclusion: Depending on your group identity, per the job ad, you might not be included…

We have a strong commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice, and are especially interested in applicants who are from backgrounds and experiences that are underrepresented in higher education, and the fields of art and design.

So go things at schools across contemporary America.



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