University Hires Social Justice Center to Help Top Staff Embrace 'White Inferiority'

If full is the antidote to empty and light is the remedy to dark, what’s the solution to white supremacy?

Leaders at the University of Kentucky may have come upon a fix.


As reported by Young America’s Foundation, U of K recently hosted an antiracism workshop.

The aim: to focus department heads on diversity, equity and inclusion.

To that end, the school purportedly forked out $5,000 to the Center for Healing Racial Trauma.

From the official website:

The Center for Healing Racial Trauma is dedicated to using love, liberation, equity, and creativity informed therapeutic interventions to help racially/ethnically marginalized people heal from racism.

Core Values:

  • Love
  • Liberty
  • Creativity
  • Equity

The Center is directed by Candice Hargons, who’s also a UK assistant professor in the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology.

The five-grand foray included a four-hour “introductory workshop” plus a two-hour “intermediate workshop,” initially totaling $8,000 and $2,000, respectively.

Fortunately for the school, it was granted 50% off.

The seminar — “Cultivating an Antiracist Mindset for Academic Administrators” — asked attendees to write down their “chosen metric for antiracism,” steps they’ve already taken, and to whom they choose to be accountable.

According to documents obtained by YAF, UK Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Eric N. Monday selected as his metric “increase # of BIPOC M/F staff.”

His stated goal: They should be at a “compensation of $50,000 or greater.”



“[I’ve] created a BIPOC recruitment fund of $250,000 per year for [the] next two years.”

Another administrator vowed, “I will also add a diversity, equity, and inclusion element into all merit reviews for faculty.”

Perhaps the most striking part of the workshop was how it proposed to counter white privilege.

The Center urged top faculty thusly:


With the more accurate White inferiority complex language and know it organizes most systems in the USA.

J. David Rosenberg College of Law Dean Mary Davis admitted it was “really hard” to “force [herself] to accept white inferiority.”

Presumably, she’ll have plenty of time to practice.

Back to Candice, YAF reached out to UK concerning the ethics of hiring a faculty member’s private company.

The university declined to comment, but its reasoning might’ve related to an impressive resume.

In addition to her aforementioned credits, Candice directs the RISE^2 Research Team. lays out the group’s people prowess:

The new RISE^2 Research Team has a two-fold focus. We study Relationships, Intimacy, + Sexual Enrichment and Race, Intersectionality, + Social justice Engagement.

This year we have a few projects in progress:

  • ​The Big Sex Study
  • Black Lives Metta: Healing Racial Trauma Through Meditation
  • How to Love a Human

The accomplished writer’s also been published by the American Psychological Association.


Past essays:

Quite an impressive array of accomplishments.

And now, thanks to Candice’s Center, at the center of the University of Kentucky, more diversity, equity and inclusion may abound.

Additionally responsible for the upgrade: social justice, antiracism, and — maybe most of all — white inferiority.



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