Boxing Federation Eyes a New Transgender Category — They Just Have to Find Transgender Boxers

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How’d you like to watch two people box each other’s ears in the ring? Would the prospect become more attractive if you were to learn they identify as the opposite of their biological sex? A world boxing organization is surely hoping the answer is “yes.”


In a report released Thursday, the World Boxing Council announced it will be creating a brand new category exclusively for transgender athletes.

Council President Mauricio Sulaiman schools The Telegraph on how it’ll work:

  • The sport [will] look to adopt the “at birth” rule (to identify each fighter’s status)…
  • Trans athletes will not be allowed to compete against non-trans fighters.

Particularly in extra violent arenas such as MMA or boxing, the transgender issue has caused quite a stir. Consider the case of Fallon Fox, a biological male MMA contestant who cracked two female opponents’ skulls.

From The Post Millennial:

Fox, a male to female transgender athlete, destroyed Erika Newsome in a Coral Gables, FL, MMA fight during which she “secured a grip on Newsome’s head… With her hands gripping the back of Newsome’s skull, she delivered a massive knee, bringing her leg up while pulling her opponent’s head down. The blow landed on Newsome’s chin and dropped her, unconscious, face-first on the mat.” That was Newsome’s last pro fight. …

Fox also beat Tamikka Brents, giving her a concussion and breaking 7 orbital bones. But that’s super brave, too, taking an unfair, male-bodied advantage and using it to give female-bodied opponents brain injuries.


Not everyone was put off by the breakage. And of course, the injured entrants willingly engaged in the genetically co-ed contests.

Still, Mauricio would evidently like to avoid such situations. Hence, he tells The Telegraph, the new provision is all about “safety and inclusion.”

Now, they just have to find transgender boxers:

“We are going to put out a global call for those who are interested in 2023 and we will set up the protocols, start consultation and most likely create a league and a tournament. It is the time to do this, and we are doing this because of safety and inclusion. We have been the leaders in rules for women’s boxing – so the dangers of a man fighting a woman will never happen because of what we are going to put in place. …

“We are creating a set of rules and structures so that transgender boxing can take place, as they fully deserve to if they want to box. We do not yet know the numbers that there are out there, but we’re opening a universal registration in 2023, so that we can understand the boxers that are out there – and we’ll start from there.”


But biological males won’t be going up against females. Mauricio explains, using “man” and “woman” in the old-school way:

“In boxing, a man fighting a woman must never be accepted regardless of gender change. There should be no grey area around this, and we want to go into it with transparency and the correct decisions. Woman to man or man to woman transgender change will never be allowed to fight a different gender by birth.”

The World Boxing Council isn’t the only organization to adjust to culture’s current sexual state:

Bold Stroke: Women’s Swimming Coaches Association Officially Advises a New League for Transgenders

Another Sport Bans Biological Males Like Lia Thomas From Women’s Athletics

Might we be at the outset of myriad changes which effectively separate athletes according to biological sex again? It’s certainly possible.

From National Review:

In September, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) held a conference on transgender policy for its member federations and invitees from across combat sports. … IMMAF rules state that “the scientific evidence currently available is compelling enough to prevent Transgender athletes from competing at IMMAF Competitions because the risks of injury and unfair competition are too great. … The IMMAF is reportedly considering designating the male category “open” or creating new categories in a manner similar to the [World Boxing Council’s] plans.


Surely much more is to come.



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