New York University Students Demand They Be Given the President's House — and Straight A's

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At New York private research university The New School, there’s an uprising. And it isn’t out of step with a growing sector of society.

As noted by Campus Reform, the school — which costs roughly $26,000 a semester — recently suffered an absence of sorts; there was a three-week adjunct faculty strike.


Now that the strike is over, students have banded together to take over a campus building. And they’re demanding payback for their troubles. As revealed by an online document, the enrollees demand a refund for loss of learning during the strike.


We demand a tuition freeze [until 2028] and for there to be no fee additions or increases in the event of revised compensation for part-time faculty.

They’re also looking out for the little guys employed by the school:

We demand the maximum gross salary at the New School be in a proportion, defined by the non-administrative TNS community, to the base pay of university workers. Any increases in the gross salaries of the Board, Provost and President can only occur with a proportional increase in all university employee pay.

And they’ll be taking over the president’s house:

We demand the president’s townhouse be treated as a communal property of The New School and used for purposes determined by the non-administrative TNS community.

That works out, since he’ll be gone:

We demand the resignations of President Dwight McBride, Provost Renee T. White, and the Vice President of Business and Operations Tokumbo Shobowale.


The group also insists campus food be made more delicious:

We demand The New School Cafeterias and Food Pantries be reconstituted to better serve The New School community, including but not limited to: an increase in pantry locations and hours of operation, increased staffing, higher quality food, and accessible pricing for all school dining services.

More freebies — such as syringes — are a must:

We also demand increased and free access to essential medical supplies, including but not limited to: tampons, pads, and other menstrual products, sharps containers and hypodermic needles, COVID tests, and first-aid supplies.

Moreover, the students are putting down their feet regarding grades:

We demand that every student receives a final course grade of A as well as the removal of I/Z grades for the Fall 2022 semester.

To be clear:

Attendance shall have no bearing on course grade.

The demands aren’t so surprising. These are the days of taking what you want:

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The New School’s situation was recently discussed on Campus Reform’s Real America’s Voice. Highly published political science Professor Nicholas Giordano was asked, “What in the name of higher education is going on there in New York?”

His answer:

“[I]t’s just campus craziness. We’ve been witnessing this over the course of the last several years where students will make demands…for some of the craziest things that you possibly imagine, like giving all students an A. … [T]he students are blaming it on a teacher strike that happened at the beginning of the semester, but demands like this — it simply reflects a growing trend of what we’ve been witnessing where they think if they complain loud enough, the system will capitulate.”


If recent history is any indication, the students may well be right.



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