Liberal Arts School Launches DEI Certificate Program as the 'Justice' Industry Engulfs the World

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Is DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) everywhere? It seems so. And infiltration equals opportunity — for job seekers.

Hence, an Allentown, Pennsylvania, private liberal arts school has a brand new certificate program planned for Fall ’23.


From the school website:

Muhlenberg College Launches Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The certificate…can be completed in just one year. It is designed for online virtual learning with on-campus symposia during the fall and spring semesters.

“The certificate,” a separate page says, “provides a framework to deliver powerful outcomes.”

Comprising the frame:

  • Promoting Liberal Arts and Multidisciplinary Approach: Balance hands-on, community-oriented experiences with a liberal arts vision that orients students to systemic, cultural, and historic contexts of racism and discrimination.
  • Partnering with Community: Foster connections to learn from and with local leaders to develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the longstanding efforts to create more equitable and inclusive organizations and communities.
  • Experience and Action: Recognize and value the richness of perspective and lived experiences of [Graduate and Continuing Education] students, and incorporate relevant and pragmatic learning opportunities that lead to action-oriented outcomes for a more just and equitable community and workforce.

Vice president and executive director of Muhlenberg’s Division of Graduate and Continuing Education, AJ Lemheney, Ed.D., explains the thinking behind the initiative:


“We developed this program to combine theory and practice throughout each course, and it allows students to develop a network of equity-minded professionals where people can come together to have brave conversations, engage meaningfully, empower one another and strategize to act.”

A master’s degree may be in enrollees’ future:

The stackable design of the essential courses and the graduate certificate provides an option to gain knowledge and skills for those with limited time while retaining a future pathway to completing a full master’s degree in organizational leadership with a concentration in DEI.

Not long ago, the term “DEI” was unheard of. In a stunningly short amount of time, it’s made its way into seemingly every American arena:

‘Antiracist’ Infant? Childcare Chain Says Babies Should Learn ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’

University Makes All Graduates Pass a DEI Course, Claims Students Asked to Be Forced

Army Secretary Champions What’s ‘Important’: Making ‘Marginalized Communities’ ‘Feel Included’

Military Generals Call for Increased Diversity, Encourage More Women in Combat

Report: ‘DEI’ in Science Publications Has Surged by More Than 4,000 Percent

University Announces ‘Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion’ Program, Preparing Students for ‘Success’ in Government


Curiously, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sometimes demands conformity, inequality, and/or exclusion:

Media Agency Refuses to Accredit University Unless It Teaches Future Journalists More Social Justice

College’s Equity Plan Creates Affirmative Action Toolkits and ‘Diversity’ Curriculum, Prioritizes Hiring LGBT

Utah Public University’s ‘Inclusive Style Guide’ Forbids Students to Say ‘Biologically Male/Female’

University Professor on ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Panel Announces She Keeps Away From White People

Student Paper Will Promote Diversity by Preventing It as Free Speech Is Swapped for ‘Safety’

Major University Eyes Forcing Professors to Pledge to ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ or Have Their Tenures Denied

DEI is ubiquitous, and a new generation of Americans is being trained to go into the world and further increase its presence by taking positions aimed at social engineering. Lots of offices await:

In the past, people of all stripes were expected to go into the world and find their way — and figure out how to get along and work together. It appears we aren’t so trusted to do that anymore. If left to our own devices, it would seem the thinking goes, we might make choices that are harmful or problematic. Those in charge are here to save the day and save us from ourselves.


At Muhlenberg College, the DEI deep dive makes particular sense. A disproportionate portion of liberal arts students can directly benefit:



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