'Exhausted' and Trauma-Torn TikTok Teacher Tells White People to Stop Making the World Unsafe

A teacher on TikTok has an order for whites — especially ones in academia: Stop putting others in peril.

Ours is an unprecedented era, in which people use phones as soliloquy slingshots to shoot monologues into the ether. Such messages are often edited for polish and delivered as if eager masses are waiting to listen and learn.


It’s the new national pastime.

And in a recent video shared by Libs Of TikTok, a woman identifying herself as a teacher drops science on America’s — and education’s — poorly pigmented.

Starting off, she clangs the community bell:

“Okay, white educators. This one is for you.”

She then cuts the clip to perform the look-to-the-side-and-lower-your-voice-and-adorably-raise-your-eyebrows-and-squint move found in an astonishingly large number of TikTok tangents.

[I’m unsure as to whether this expression is now a platform prerequisite for posting.]


“I mean, really, most of these are gonna be for y’all.”

She’s concerned about school safety:

“White educators should be a safe space for black students.”

The line is then repeated for emphasis.

Per the lady’s presumption, Caucasian educators marvel that they can’t connect with black kids. And it’s time for those teachers to accept that they come across as scary:

“If you’re wondering why you’re not able to connect with ‘those kids’ (insert another instance of the aforementioned Standard TikTok Expression [STTE]), it’s probably because they don’t feel safe around you.”

A caption appears on the screen:

Think about how exhausting that is, and the emotional trauma of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) experience.


The woman then coughs up some candor:

“I mean, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. There are many white people — especially white strangers — that I have my guard up. And it’s because I’m trying to protect myself from them. I don’t know if this is a safe person. And it’s the same with children.”

She leaves us with a handy rule of thumb:

“[I]f you decide to gloss over instances of racism or decide that Black Lives Matter is a political thing, you’re not a safe person.”

I can’t confirm that she’s a teacher; however, her presentation is typical of where we are.

It seems to me her message comes courtesy of the past few years’ insistence — that America is racist, that colors shouldn’t co-exist…and that both sides of the political aisle’s agreement with only one side of the aisle’s ideology is the definition of “safety.”

Not too long ago — in the area of race relations — the country was apparently on a positive path. Humanity looked to be evolving beyond the idea that shades of skin distinguished warring tribes.

As for “safety,” the term had always referred to shelter from real harm.


For decades, America appeared to be maturing; and for the most part, it was trying to preserve its toughness.

But a substantial turn has been taken: We’ve traded resilience for fragility, unity for fragmentation.

For all the talk of “diversity” being a strength — which, inherently, it is not — we’ve lost what actually makes us strong: togetherness, agreed upon by tolerant, independent thinkers.

But forget all that — these days, it’s all about TikTok. So try and stay safe, in a nation overrun with white people.



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