California Public Ed Teacher Training Includes Pansexuality and a Semen Exercise

For a very long time in America, academics were complicated: Schools offered multiple subjects for which challenging assignments and tough tests were the norm. Concerning sex, however, things were simple: There were boys and girls and XX/XY chromosomes — a small point of fact among many things covered in biology class. As for sexual activity, it wasn’t spoken about to children.


Now, education appears to have flipped: Sex has been upstaged by “gender identity,” and it’s considerably complex. Moreover, all manner of carnal activity is promoted in class. Academics, by contrast, have been simplified — if the nation’s tanking test scores are any indication.

For evidence of schooling’s increased sexual intricacy, consider the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD); its teachers are being trained in the modern mosaic of wokeness.

City Journal’s Christopher Rufo reports that the district has adopted “the principles of academic queer theory.” Hence, it will “translate them into K-12 pedagogy, with the ultimate goal of dismantling ‘heteronormativity’ and promoting a constellation of new sexual identities, such as ‘genderqueer,’ ‘non-binary,’ ‘pansexual,’ and ‘two-spirit.'”

Christopher has obtained a wealth of documents from SDUSD that reflect the ideological effort.

As stated by Rufo, the district contends our previous sexual misinformation came from that well-known sinister source, whiteness.

[W]hite Europeans created a false “gender binary” and used the categories of “male” and “female” to dominate racial and sexual minorities.

Amid the 200+ educational training slides, “Workshops for LGBTQ+ Youth & Allies” condemns the old idea that men and women make the world go ’round:


The Gender Binary is a social construct that situates “male” and “female” as synonymous with “man” and “woman” and dictates how people assigned to these categories should act.

It’s an affliction:

This limited system excludes and oppresses trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people.

Schoolchildren were long told to sit down and shut up. But these are the days of unprecedented accommodation. SDUSD instructors are ordered to “use (the) gender pronouns requested by students” and “use eye contact to make sure everyone feels seen and part of the group.”

Intimacy, evidently, is critical. Consequently, one of the district’s “Key Messages for Discussion” for students is that “sex can be fun and meaningful in a healthy relationship.” One group conversation asks, “What does ‘LGBTQ+-inclusive sex ed’ mean to you?”

And then:


  • Safe Oral Sex
  • Safer Vaginal Sex
  • Safer Anal Sex

Two sexual diagrams are shown — those of “reproductive anatomy of people with a penis” and “reproductive anatomy of people with a vulva.”

From there, the training — complete with practice exercises — serves sample questions from hypothetical kids: “Is it okay to masturbate?” “How do gay people have sex?”


What does semen taste like?

  • What might be the intent of the question?
  • What knowledge do they need to make healthy choices?
  • How could you make your response inclusive of all students?
  • How would you respond?

Surely answering that question would’ve once led to a court appearance. But America’s old puritanical ways are being put to rest.

Additionally addressed: Students who wish to abandon their biological sex. The district makes clear where authority lies — with the school, not the parents.

Student Information Change Request — Confidential:

Students have a right to privacy. This includes the right keep private their transgender status or gender-nonconforming presentation at school. …

School staff shall not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or gender-nonconforming presentation to others. Therefore, given the sensitive nature of the information, when speaking with parents, guardians, other staff members, or third parties, school staff should not disclose a student’s preferred name, pronoun(s), or other confidential information pertaining to the student’s transgender or gender-nonconforming status without the student’s permission, unless authorized to do so by law.

In 1980, if a survey had asked students whether they were afraid at school, the likely result would’ve been a non-categorical near-zero percent. But today’s generation is taught that disagreement is violence. Accordingly, with the aid of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), SDUSD addresses safety in school.

Applying GLSEN’s explanation of a 2011 study to the training’s data, it appears the following portions of students have felt “unsafe” due to their “gender identity”:

  • Cisgender Males: 32.2 percent
  • Cisgender Females: 22.5 percent
  • Another Gender: 61.2 percent
  • Genderqueer: 61.6 percent
  • Transgender: 75.1 percent

Thus, teachers will need to watch for fear-generating actions or words. And to hammer home the panoply of marginalized youngsters that faculty will be governing, the training provides a portrait of three public education students, each of whom introduces themself with a short descriptor:

  • “I’m a 17-year-old Chicana lesbian and intersectional feminist living in Houston, Texas.”
  • “I use they/them pronouns and identify as genderfluid. I’m passionate about gender eradication and POC (nonwhite) movements.”
  • “I’m a 15-year-old transgender guy. I am asexual and panromantic, which means that I take the phrase ‘hearts not parts’ very literally.”

Education has radically changed. Perusing the training documents, it looks as if the San Diego Unified School District has enough gender-identity and sex education to take up the entire year’s class time. So at least the system has that sector in check.

As for less trendy areas of schooling, the West Coast might well benefit from a boost:




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