Bill Maher Drives a Stake Through Leftism as the Democrat Party Abandons American Voters

As is his increasing custom, on Friday night, Bill Maher skewered the Left. And he must’ve enlarged the group of SJWs calling for his #cancellation.

During HBO’s Real Time, Bill brought up the idea of an attorney as related to the Johnny Depp trial. The host posed that political leaders are supposed to essentially be lawyers — they serve as our advocates. He went on to drive a stake through the Party of the Donkey, for all the people it no longer represents.


A partial recap of the aggrieved and unrepresented:

Formerly Democratic Hispanics. As an example, a south Texas congressional district — which had long sided with Dems — recently “stopped seeing [the Democratic candidate] as their lawyer.” Therefore, a seat in the House of Representatives was flipped.

“[The Latino residents’] message to [Dems] was, ‘I’m an American now. I’m here. Be my lawyer, not the lawyer for the migrants showing up in my backyard.'”


“Every month, I see a new poll reporting how much Latinos despise the woke term ‘Latinx.’ It’s about as popular with them as a reboot of Speedy Gonzalez. Even the country’s oldest Latino civil rights group came out against it. Yet, AOC keeps defending it, saying, ‘Gender is fluid. Language is fluid.’ Yes, and Latino voters are fluid.”

Asian Americans, “whose support for Democrats is down 16 points since the last election.” Joe Biden’s party has eliminated advanced educational programs in which Asian students often excel.

Poor Americans who couldn’t afford college. “President Biden wants to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in student debt,” Bill pointed out. “Okay, but the poorer two-thirds of American kids who don’t get a college degree are going to say, ‘Why should the people who didn’t go to college and make less money subsidize the people who did go and make more? … You’re not my lawyer.'”


Straight Americans. (Vastly gay) West Hollywood’s guaranteed basic income initiative “had to be suspended because it was unconstitutional. They set up a program where 25 residents were to get $1,000 for 18 months — but only if you identified as LGBT-the-rest-of-it. … Because no one in West Hollywood will hire a gay person?”

The sexually traditional, who still believe in “mothers.” “For decades,” Bill noted, “liberals have said, ‘If only men could get pregnant, [abortion] wouldn’t even be an issue.'”

The comedian planted seeds of outrage with his sexual-identity bit:

“When the wokey end of the progressive spectrum talk about abortion now, they shy away from [the] word ‘women.’ And prefer terms like ‘birthing people‘ and ‘people who menstruate.’ Because somewhere, there’s a trans man who’s pregnant, and I say good for him. And I’ll be looking for his story somewhere in a future issue of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Oh, Democrats, let’s take the first [darn] word a human animal understands — ‘mama‘ — and replace it with something best understood by four (Marxist revolutionary Leon) Trotsky-ites at Berkeley.”

“As with all these issues,” Bill wrapped up, “the wavering voter is saying to her lawyer — the Democratic Party — ‘Hey, so happy for you that you have so many other clients and that you care so much about their problems. … But you’re supposed to be my lawyer.”


Language Warning:


Bill is right — and he himself is symbolic of the shift underway. As Elon Musk — who’s now leaning toward support for Ron DeSantis — recently tweeted, the Right hasn’t moved nearly so much as has the Left. In an attempt at progress, the DNC has run ahead, not realizing American voters aren’t so keen on picking up the pace:

Surely to Bill’s dismay, the old-school liberal is now practically conservative:

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The midterms are coming up; what should we expect? Given all the above, Democrat dominance isn’t likely in the cards.



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