'The Practising Midwife' Magazine Releases Transgender Issue Featuring Bearded Birthing Parent

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If you’re interested in becoming a midwife, The Practising Midwife magazine’s got you covered.

And if you’re interested in giving transgender birth, the same applies.


The British midwifery periodical released a special edition for its 24th volume in May, praising childbirth’s “amazing” evolution.

Whoever was put in charge of the cover, few would deny they went bold.

Dr. Daniel Growcott — identified on Twitter as a “reformed militant moet medic” with “he/him/hands/face/space” pronouns — served up the shot:

One commenter asked, “I am slightly confused; is that a man giving birth?”

Someone replied:

“Yes! I’m a trans guy, and I hope to give birth one day, too. I still have a uterus, so I can carry a baby.”

Another wrote, “This makes me feel so much better about kinda wanting my own children in the future, trans dads [for the win].”

Social media was alive with praise:

“So good!”

“This is absolutely beautiful.”

“Why can’t I love this more than once? Birthing people come in all shapes, sizes and genders.”

“This is empowering [as heck].”

“Let’s f—-n’ go, this s— owns.”

“This is so awesome. Trans dudes rock.”

“This is so beautiful and wholesome!”


Pink News described the installment as follows:

The Practising Midwife emphatically said that trans men who give birth are “amazing.”

Part of the magazine’s Normal Birth series, the cover features a trans Black man after giving birth to a baby as his partner looks on in pride. His fist raised in the air, showing a rainbow tattoo with the words “right on” underneath.

PN went on to lament some “transphobic Twitter trolls and anti-trans pressure groups” who targeted the ‘zine — “because their hobby is hate.”

The Practising Midwife is certainly in line with healthcare’s current goings-on .

As I covered in February, two hospitals in the UK nixed the terms “breastfeeding” and “father.”

Better: “Chestfeeding and “co-parent.”

At Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, Guidelines for Promoting an Anti-Bias and Inclusive Curriculum schools students thusly:

(Use) “people with uteruses” instead of “women” if the relevant point is about the presence of a uterus rather than the person’s expressed gender identity.

In May, I wrote of a neuroscientist’s gaffe:


At the University of Pennsylvania, a nursing final exam now requires students to ask imaginary patients their preferred pronouns.

And if the baby of the couple on The Practising Midwife’s cover turns out to be trans, there are things in place to help:

Even so, despite the proliferation of gender-identity diversity, as indicated above, the magazine caught some flack.

Hence, it tweeted a response:

We are committed to representation at all levels, and also to ensuring that our publications provide a safe space for all birthing people and maternity care workers to learn, care and share with one another. We do not welcome or invite any commentary that compromises these values.

The statement was paired with a montage of covers, about which one tweeter remarked, “[T]hese are stylish as [heck]. The inclusivity is amazing, too!”

Back to medical science, today’s technology doesn’t only cater to men becoming women or women becoming men.


For those wishing to go the extra nonbinary mile, things at the center of the issue can be…nullified:

But if it’s a C-section, presumably, previously impregnated participating chromosomal females can still give birth.

And if they’re looking for an experienced midwife, there’s one obvious magazine to which any good prospects should be subscribed.



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