Bill Maher Blows up Some of the Dem Lies About the SCOTUS Draft Opinion

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

Bill Maher took on abortion during the panel discussion on his “Real Time” show on Friday night, and, while he is pro-choice, he blew up a lot of the narrative being pushed by the left in the wake of the leak of the SCOTUS draft opinion — that somehow the opinion would make abortion go away and that the decision, if it held, could lead to infringements on rights such as interracial marriage. Joe Biden even lied and claimed that the draft opinion could lead to LGBTQ kids being segregated from other kids in the classroom.


Maher brought a little sanity back into the discussion, noting that in some other places in Europe that things were more restrictive when it comes to abortion.

“I learned most people who are pro-life are women. I did not know that. Most abortions are from… mothers, people who have a kid… And I thought this was interesting, most abortions now — even when you go to a clinic are done with the pill. The pill. And pills are easy to get in America,” Maher continued. “So, you know, for the people who say we’re going back to 1973, we’re not. That’s just factually inaccurate.”

Former NBC Sports reporter Michelle Tafoya pointed out that most people believe there should be some middle ground and some abortion limits, for example, that it shouldn’t be legal to the moment of birth.

“There’s got to be a point at which we say this is a human being capable of living outside the womb where maybe we don’t — we don’t do that,” Tafoya said. “I think that’s what you see a lot of in Europe and a lot of people are kind of settling around, ‘Okay, 15 weeks maybe.’”

Maher then took on two points that the left has been harping on — the concept that Roe v. Wade was “settled law.” The case has been questioned since it was passed on multiple grounds, chiefly that the Court shouldn’t have been legislating from the bench on it, that it should have been left up to the states to decide — and even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had concerns about how it was decided, as Tafoya pointed out.


“This whole bulls— argument about, ‘Well, it’s settled law.’ So was segregation. Plessy vs. Ferguson was ‘settled law’ in 1896 and thank God somebody said let’s unsettle it. So that’s a bulls— argument. It’s what you think,” Maher said.

Democratic operative Paul Begala went the Joe Biden route and pushed the claim that this would affect other things such as contraception and marriage rights, such as interracial marriage. But Tafoya and Maher took apart that argument.

Tafoya pointed out how Alito, in his draft opinion, specifically distinguishes abortion from those rights because it involves a third party — the baby.

Maher also pushed back against Begala noting the difference is the third party and the belief that it is murder — even if he doesn’t believe that.

“But Clarence Thomas is — it’s an interracial marriage,” Maher pushed back. “I guess what I’m saying is I really feel like abortion is unique. It is because either — you just have this view that it’s murder. I could put the argument on a hat when people talk about a woman’s right. ‘Murder isn’t a right.’ If you think it’s murder — I don’t, again, crazy me… “

Maher’s thought keeps showing how far left the left has gone. Maher is a liberal but he’s a liberal who still has some sense. He isn’t willing to throw all logic and reality under the bus for agenda like Begala. He’s also willing to call out the narratives when they’re false, even if blowing up the narrative doesn’t help the Democratic Party.


Democrats know they are in trouble come the midterms and they are hoping this issue will juice up the base to come out and vote when many people don’t vote in midterm elections. But polling is showing that the tactic doesn’t appear to be working — indeed, if anything Republicans have gained in enthusiasm.



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