Manliness Organization Offers Thousands in Prizes Via Its 'Dismantle Patriarchy' Contest

If you’re stressed over the state of masculinity, here’s good news: A man-savvy organization is on the case.

A Call to Men” markets itself as preparing “the next generation of manhood.” In order to fix the future, the group is hosting an art project for high schoolers and college students.


Introducing the “2022 Dismantle Patriarchy” contest.

An official webpage describes the endeavor thusly:

The Dismantle Patriarchy Contest invites young people to use visual art, music, essay, story, poetry, video or photography to envision how they might change the larger societal system of patriarchy and create an accepting society.

For those wondering what the patriarchy is, A Call to Men lays it out:

Patriarchy is a system of power whereby masculinity and men are marked as inherently more worthy than femininity and women. This puts men on top, giving them more access to power, resources, and even knowledge. It tells women that they deserve less: less money, less freedom, less strength.

As for the wage gap, feminist Christina Hoff Sommers has addressed the idea — see Time’s “The Gender Wage Gap Myth and 5 Other Feminist Fantasies.”

Additionally, consider the CBS News piece “The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth.”

But what about other oppression? ACTM claims the patriarchy “erases people who don’t ascribe to traditional gender roles, too often with violence.”

But rejoice: “Worldwide, youth are calling for a change in the systems that continue to fail us.”

In fact, there’s a bouquet of bugaboos:

We have seen the resurgence of white supremacy, the devastating effects of climate catastrophe, and ongoing economic inequality.

So let’s pelt the patriarchy — “which creates a culture of domination, violence and suppression.”

Of course, the word “patriarch” means “a man who is father or founder.” Are men just inherently vile?


If not, headlines aren’t helping:

UN Secretary-General António Guterres Thinks the Patriarchy Is the Biggest Problem With COVID-19

Grrrrrl Power: 8-Year-Old Fights the Power of Kelloggs’s Cereal Patriarchy

Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer Told CNN How She Deals With the White Patriarchy

Everyone has their own way of instituting (multi)universal change (MAJOR Warning — Explicit Language):

Still, some are downright opposed to the anti-patriarchy approach:

Nonetheless, A Call to Men will award “ten winners from each category (high school and college)” with “$1,000 prizes.”

While creating their patriarchy-pummeling art, entrants are advised to consider the following:

  • How does patriarchy affect transgender people and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence?
  • If you view gender differently than you’ve previously been taught to see it, how do you think your worldview will change? What does that mean for the future and our world?
  • Who does patriarchy prioritize? What would a non-patriarchal world look like for traditionally marginalized and excluded folks?

A Call to Men is improving the planet in other ways, too. It’s issued “A Call to Allies to Interrupt Microaggressions.”

“According to the fourth annual Women in the Workplace report,” it relays, “64 percent of women report experiencing gender-based microaggressions, and women of color experience it more than anyone else.”


The truth hurts:

“Men benefit from male privilege whether we want to or not. The same is true for white people. … In 2017, the Center for Health Journalism explained that racism and microaggressions lead to worse health, and pointed out that discrimination can negatively influence everything from a target person’s eating habits to his or her trust in their physician, and trigger symptoms of trauma. [Microaggressions] have come to be known as “death by a thousand cuts.”

Back to the contest, judging will be provided by Youth ACT, a group aimed at “promoting healthy masculinity and healthy relationships, preventing gender-based violence, and creating a better world for ALL women, girls, men, boys, LGBQ+ Transgender and nonbinary people.”

So if you’d like to maim manliness with music, or pound the patriarchy with poetry, now’s your chance.



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