University President Sends a Letter Announcing the School's Top Priority: Racial Justice and Equity

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What’s the purpose of college?

To learn how to think?

Think again.

At least, you’ll have to recalculate if you’re at Portland State University.


According to a tweet by Assistant Philosophy Professor Peter Boghossian, an email was recently sent to the entire college community by PSU President Stephen Percy.

In the letter, Stephen made clear the focus of the school.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the top o’ the totem:

“My highest priority is sustaining and amplifying our commitment to racial justice.”

Of course, in a right world, justice is of the utmost importance. And if there’s injustice, the problem must be solved.

Sound perfect for a place offering courses in reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic?

How about studies in finance, chemistry, or geology?

Bold move for Priority #1, but Percy’s pumped:

“PSU is Oregon’s most diverse university and our actions must honor and harness the power of that diversity. It is imperative that we collectively engage in conversations that support transformation and act to deliver on our desired future, recognizing that the work will be different based on our positionalities and identities.”

And if you’re piqued by positionalities, Stephen’s spurring you as a student — get to makin’ the college a place of equal results:

“The work is already underway, including October’s Time to Act summit, a cluster hire in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences School of Gender Race and Nations, and other important initiatives. I challenge each of you to take action to imagine and create a more just and equitable PSU.”


I’ll give our new normal one thing: It’s a great time to be a pupil. When you were in school, staff likely told you to sit down, shut up, and obey.

These days, it’s Power to the People:

“At the heart of achieving our academic, research and equity goals is our commitment to student success. .. Together, we can ensure every student attains a PSU degree and realizes the promise of a rewarding future.”

But Professor Peter’s not impressed.

He asked why the Portland’s president — a white male — doesn’t just “resign and offer [his] position to a black person.”

It’s not wholly unheard of — these guys did it:

Speaking to The Daily Caller, Peter continued the caning:

“There are real true believers in this ideology. This is a genuine question if he believes this. Why hire another white dean? Every person should ask that. What is the highest purpose of a public institution? It is incumbent on people to explain why racial equity is the highest priority.”


The professor has options PSU could entertain:

“Should this really be the president’s #highest# priority? Not fixing out of control budget deficits? Not producing knowledgeable students? Not advancing faculty research?”

As for budget issues, the Caller recalls:

PSU raised tuition approximately five percent before the start of the 2020-21 school year. The university was left cash-strapped in part by a severance package of $855,000 in pay and other benefits offered to Percy’s predecessor, Rahmat Shoureshi, Oregon Live reported in 2019.

Aw, bucks, schmucks — they’re woke.

Apropos, this was the 2019 reception of an on-campus conservative speaker (Language Warning):

Three guesses as to that guy’s favorite Christmas song.

Setting aside the specifics, perhaps the most poignant part of the dean’s email explains it all:

“Portland State University is synonymous with our Portland community.”

Critics of Stephen Percy may consider him a rat, and wokeness an infestation.


But as fans of 80’s rock know, it’s a special cryin’ shame — the guy was just one letter away from doin’ it cool:

Stay tuned, RedStaters — where stories of school and social justice are concerned, I’m sure we’ll soon be Back For More…



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