Clemson Admissions Counselor Makes Clear What She Thinks of Republican Applicants

Have you been discriminated against because you’re a Republican?

Such is a question some Clemson Unversity applicants may have recently asked themselves.

As relayed by Campus Reform, an admissions officer at the South Carolina school Snapchatted her bias toward those who identify with the GOP.


Undergraduate admissions counselor Monica Rozman told social media users that no applicant should put an obvious “R” next to their name.

Per Monica, “No one cares if you’re Republican.”

Maybe they care if you’re a Democrat, and perhaps the “everyone” constituting “no one” is only her.

Either way, she goes on to school the internet on what defines Republicans.

As it turns out, two prominent party components are anti-woman attitudes and white hot white supremacy.

The Party of the Elephant, she states, is “oppressive.”

Additionally, it appears someone’s informed her there are two kinds of Republicans — differentiated by letter case.

Her reported post in full:

“Reviewing college apps and, just wanna say: no one cares if you’re Republican. Like, small government, low taxes, etc., republican. BUT BUT BUT, if you’re gonna talk about being Republican (1) don’t act like it’s an oppressed group bc it’s not and (2) unless you ACTIVELY DENOUNCE the white supremacy and misogyny, etc., within your party, you are going out of your way to identify with an oppressive group. Like? Don’t.”

The administrator’s view is no surprise — increasingly, two Americas are emerging.

From what I can tell, the material separating us is both soundproof and reflective.

Hence, the country’s becoming a set of insulated echo chambers.

If I had to guess, I’d say many left-wingers don’t simply assert that conservative policies are effectively anti-black; I believe a portion of them think white supremacy is among the ideals conservatives blatantly espouse.


There is a giant difference between that of which someone is accused and that which they decisively announce. But some mainstream media organizations don’t look to be so concerned with the distinction.

A bubbled viewer of MSNBC, for instance, may be convinced the Republican Party takes prominent pride in prejudice.

We are increasingly walled by infor-/misinfor-/disinformation, very little of which is coming from objective news sources. CNN and NPR aren’t designed to report the news; they’re set up to represent Democratic interests.

At least, that’s the way it substantially seems.

The messages forwarded by those outlets bear a striking resemblance to those in Monica’s post.

And if Republicans really are racist, why should Monica want them at her school?

It appears reasonable that such a view may determine who’s let in.

After all, she’s so proud to take a stand — and so unconcerned over getting into trouble — that she posted her position for all the world to see.

In response, Clemson Associate Vice President for Strategic Communication Joe Galbraith commented to Campus Reform:

“[Her statements] are not consistent with the admissions policies or practices [of the school].”

And just to be clear:

“Admissions decisions are made by the leadership of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the views expressed on the personal social media channel of this individual — who does not make admissions decisions — are not consistent with the admissions policies or practices of Clemson University.”


Might she control which applications make it to those in charge of the final decision? It seems a question worth being posed.

At the university level, of course, red-state othering is definitely nothing new.

Cases in point:

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Back to Clemson, junior Armani Gracia expressed surprise to CR:

“I was shocked to see one of our own admissions counselors speaking this type of rhetoric. A party affiliation should not be a problem when applying to a university.”

However, he does suspect the school has “a fair admissions process, as there are thousands of conservative students here on campus.”

Even so:

“[R]hetoric such as this from a [sic] academic counselor is deeply concerning, and I hope she has a sincere apology for her comment.”

An apology may or may not come, but in the end, what does it matter?

As the saying goes, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

I assume such applies to university administrators.

Better would be for her to specify what constitutes white supremacy, and a grand discussion to ensue.


Admittedly, an open conversation about ideas isn’t likely to occur — after all, this is college.

Regardless, at least Clemson isn’t a repeat offender…



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