Yale Professor: Trump Is Coming 'Awfully Close to Genocide' With His 'Mass Death' Policy

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Is Trump guilty of genocide? A Yale School of Public Health professor appears to believe the Commander-in-Chief’s coming severely close.

As reported by The College Fix, Gregg Gonsalves — an epidemiologist at the Ivy League research university — took to Twitter Wednesday to school the online world where the President’s management of the Wuhan Flu is concerned.

“So, what does it mean” he posed, “to let thousands die by negligence, omission, failure to act, in a legal sense under international law?”

Gregg was leveling some serious accusations, and don’t get it twisted — the guy wasn’t joking around. It sounds as if he believes the White House is purposely murdering the masses:

“And I am being serious here: What is happening in the US is purposeful, considered negligence, omission, failure to act by our leaders. Can they be held responsible under international law?”

To be clear, in the at-issue trio of posts, Gregg didn’t mention the President specifically, only “the U.S.” But a quick look at his neighboring tweets makes it clear he believes the Leader of the Free World is the enemy.


It’s strange — Donald Trump was super-villain rich for decades; and yet, he was never accused of dumbfoundingly diabolical deeds. But put that “R” next to his name and holy cow, watch out.

Maybe he was just holding back all those years ’til he snagged the Oval Office in his 70’s.

Either way, we’re talking about virtual genocide. And infectious disease specialist Gregg is particularly concerned about virus victims who aren’t white:

“How many people will die this summer, before Election Day? What proportion of the deaths will be among African-Americans, Latinos, other people of color? This is getting awfully close to genocide by default. What else do you call mass death by public policy?”


It’d be interesting to know which public policy is the mass death one, but Gregg didn’t pinpoint it in Wednesday’s posts.

However, he perhaps provided insight via endorsement: Gregg shared an article by PressThink.org and asked for media to cover it.

The piece — “The Plan is to Have No Plan” — asserts the following:

The plan is to have no plan, to let daily deaths between one and three thousand become a normal thing, and then to create massive confusion about who is responsible— by telling the governors they’re in charge without doing what only the federal government can do, by fighting with the press when it shows up to be briefed, by fixing blame for the virus on China or some other foreign element, and by “flooding the zone with sh-t,” Steve Bannon’s phrase for overwhelming the system with disinformation, distraction, and denial, which boosts what economists call “search costs” for reliable intelligence.

“The plan is to have no plan” is not a strategy, really. Nor would I call it a policy. It has a kind of logic to it, but this is different from saying it has a design— or a designer. Meaning: I do not want to be too conspiratorial about this. To wing it without a plan is merely the best this government can do, given who heads the table. The manufacture of confusion is just the ruins of Trump’s personality meeting the powers of the presidency. There is no genius there, only a damaged human being playing havoc with our lives.

So it’s not a conspiracy, but Trump’s intent upon “letting” 3,000 die per day and generating mass confusion.

It’s hard to keep up with all the President’s secret sinister intentions regularly revealed by his critics — like blaming China for the Wuhan Flu. Thankfully — I’m betting — they’re going to keep reminding us of them, for good measure. And for — it appears — about half a decade more.

Stay tuned — if you survive the genocide.



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