They Don’t Care About White Supremacy

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One of the most obnoxious traits that high-profile so-called progressives have is the tendency to seize on any controversy so they can virtue signal by proclaiming their deep hatred of white supremacy. It seems that whenever a situation arises in which they can inject race, the “churnalists” in the activist media fall all over themselves to pretend they are taking a stand against white supremacy.


This tendency can be seen in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which does not seem to be going too well for a far-left activist media establishment that has sought to paint the 17-year-old as a white supremacist ever since his identity was revealed. As the trial has proceeded, many in the left-wing chattering class have taken to social media to act as if this case is about white supremacy and to show their audience how much they care about eliminating racism.

David Leavitt, a media activist who has written for CBS and Yahoo! tweeted:

If you’re defending Kyle Rittenhouse you might be a white supremacist

Just sayin

Progressive activist and writer Morgan Artyukhina also chimed in, labeling Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” for supposedly “shooting black protesters.” She wrote:

Rittenhouse is from Antioch, Illinois, a 20-mile drive from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was absolutely not “abandoned” to anything except the white supremacist militia ideology that told him shooting Black protesters was a virtuous pursuit.


Artyukhina either has not bothered to read up about the incident, or she is blatantly lying to her audience. Anyone who has paid a modicum of attention to this situation knows that the men Rittenhouse shot were white, not black.

But not to be outdone, we have leftist activist Bree Newsome Bass, who called the trial a “farce.” She wrote:

This Rittenhouse trial is a farce. The whole thing is a performance for the public to soften the ground for more white supremacist violence in the streets as they continue the press toward undoing the civil rights movement & overthrowing constitutional democracy.

For starters, there is absolutely no evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist. The left has provided no proof that he belonged to a white supremacist group or even espoused white supremacist views. Contrary to what they have tried to get people to believe, each man he shot was a white person.

Indeed, the only white supremacists in this situation were the white people trying to destroy a black neighborhood, ostensibly to stand up for Jacob Blake after he was shot by police officers. This is how white progressives function – they act in destructive ways towards the black community while pretending they care about black people.


But none of this matters to the hard left.

The reason it does not matter is that the hard left doesn’t actually care about white supremacy or even racism for that matter. White supremacy is nothing more than a term they throw around when they need to smear a political opponent or have something to virtue signal about.

I’ve said on many an occasion that the hard left does not view bigotry as a societal ill to be diminished; they see it as a political weapon to be wielded against their enemies. This is the 5,479,623rd example showing that the idea of white supremacy is just a way to push their agenda. They couldn’t care less about the plight of black Americans. The fact that they are using it to propagandize in this case exposes their depravity.

The bottom line is that Rittenhouse was in a precarious situation. He had already been attacked multiple times. Any sane person who is not blinded by partisan lenses can see that he had little choice. Indeed, many who carry firearms would have behaved in the exact same way if they were in that situation.

Unfortunately, this situation is going to get worse if and when Rittenhouse is acquitted. It wouldn’t be surprising to see these people attempt to foment another riot under the guise of standing up for some type of “justice.”

Members of the activist media will say the verdict is a victory for white supremacy and yet another sign showing that America is an irredeemably racist nation and people will eagerly believe the lies. In the end, it will be black people who suffer. The progressive left would have it no other way.


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