There's Your Problem. Journalism Professor: Conservatives are the KKK



Why do some in the media seem to believe conservatives are white supremacists?

In the case of an instructor at Mississippi State University, it may be because that’s what they’re taught.


The school’s Young America’s Foundation chapter recently held an event about border security.

As per YAF, the purpose of the get-together was to “drive discussion on border security and President Trump’s proposal for a border wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.”

But not to Journalism Ethics professor Ryan Phillips. He tweeted about it:

“Hey the White Male Student Caucus holding a gathering. Hoods and burning crosses optional”

— Ryan Phillips (@JournoRyan) March 20, 2019

And that’s called “academia.”

Here’s the 6-second video to which he linked:

One student responded thusly:

MSU’s YAF founding chairman was less indirect:


So take note: Anyone wanting to discuss a border wall is a male white supremacist.

I know of one; I’m not sure how he felt about a wall, but his thoughts on illegal immigration were crystal clear.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you a Grand Dragon:

I wonder if the professor shows that to his students. That’s the would-be First Gentleman of the United States. Ryan must be so glad she lost.

Especially since we’d already had this guy, who’s half white:

Some public education systems aren’t waiting for young skulls of mush to reach college instructors like Ryan. Start ’em early, start ’em right:


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