UC Berkeley Professor Compares Trump Supporters to Germans Enabling the Holocaust

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Amid writing an ark-load of articles on education, I’ve been impressed upon by the notion that the field isn’t so interested in…education.


The emphasis, it appears, has shifted to sociopolitical promotion.

Perhaps that’s why some seem unaware of the definition of ideas such as socialism — despite the claims of many a YouTube video, the scheme doesn’t mean you as a lowly worker are suddenly your own CEO.

Rather, it demands you as a lowlier worker no longer have any choice for whom you work — or, subsequently, how much you can make.

The determination of those will be “the government” and “whatever the government wants to pay you.”

Also: Once you’ve received an amount the government’s chosen to give, guess how much everything you need to buy will cost?

Whatever the government chooses to charge you.

Such was the plan preferred by the Nazis, who are themselves evidently no longer much understood.

These days, so far as I can surmise, anyone with whom a woke component of the culture disagrees may be deemed an adherent of Adolf.

And any actions not sufficiently left-wing is an establishment of the Third Reich.

Simply put, this decade, Hitler’s been a real hit.

But not only for those not in the know. Among the learned, the simile’s similarly thrived.


And continuing our bent toward Berlin, a visiting professor at the University of California Berkeley recently compared supporters of Donald Trump to Germans who enabled the Holocaust.

On Twitter, Joyce Carol Oates broke news you may not have known: You’re indifferent to the coronavirus.

I offer a tweeted path to self-enlightenment…

Oh, sorry — so you’ll understand, that means erleuchtung:

“For many pro-T***p Americans, the pandemic is like the Holocaust to many Germans: They knew what was happening but adjusted to living with it in indifference or, in some cases, profiting from it. “

And you’re super, super egoistisch:

“Only if affected personally do people seem to care.”

Thank God for asterisks — it saved me a Language Warning.

Joyce is certainly suited for an academic occupation — she’s a wonderfully accomplished writer.


Here’s The Washington Free Beacon:

Oates taught at Princeton University from 1978 to 2014 before moving in 2016 to Berkeley, where she’s offered creative writing courses to students. Over her six-decades-long career, she has written more than 70 fiction and nonfiction books as well as short stories and poetry. She has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist five times.

Very respectably done.

As for the comparison, despite the last four years’ relentless Russian reference, I believe Germany may have been the nation most mentioned in America.

In fact, the Free Beacon recently made a mini-montage of the Federal Republic’s Reich-ish rule:

The birthplace of Albert Einstein’s been used to atomic effect.

And RedState’s tried to keep up.

A few pictures from the pursuit:

Bonchie’s “We’re All Hitler Now
Nick Arama’s “Beto: Trump Is Hitler
Susie Moore’s “Steinem: Pro-Lifers? Literally Hitler

For kicks, enjoy a clip from streiff’s “Just For Fun: Hitler Gets the News About the Mueller Report.”

Back to supporters of the President and our present pandemic, if Biden is declared November’s winner, going forward, what will those fighting against a government-enforced lockdown be labeled? Can the Nazis exist without their Hitler?


Either way, in my opinion, nothing should ever be compared to the Holocaust. It was an evil unrivaled in modern times.

We currently, so far as I can make out, live in an era of silliness unequaled by any other time.

We’re goose stepping to goofiness.

Still, Naziism isn’t everywhere to be found.

But that’s a fact, it seems, many can…notsee.



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